Harnessing Fusion-io Flash Technologies

Flash memories and solid state disks (SSDs) play an instrumental role in reducing the disk latencies often responsible for mission-critical applications running poorly. These technologies excel in boosting the performance of OLTP and business intelligence workloads to name a few. Fusion-io products, in particular, are renowned for accelerating response in the most demanding data-intensive environments, either as low-latency server-side caches or as flash-based storage servers.
DataCore™ storage virtualization software helps you strike a balance between the blazing speed of Fusion-io flash memories (ioDrives) and the economies of larger-capacity HDDs. It does this by dynamically directing workloads where most appropriate. The combined hardware and software solution uses flash as an ultra-fast class of storage alongside conventional disks, often already in place. This novel approach helps you avoid unnecessary spending on additional disk equipment or exotic storage devices. You also get the added benefit of a fully redundant, high-availability solution for uninterrupted fast access to your data.

Shared access to mirrored pools for uninterrupted high-performance applications Putting the right resources on the job.

The remarkable speed of Fusion-io flash memories is most prized in mission critical applications requiring the fastest possible response from disk. However, more modest, high-capacity, lower cost storage technologies may be appropriate for other workloads, including some threads of data-intensive applications. The challenge comes when trying to determine in real time which competing requests should take advantage of these very valuable resources while preventing lower priority requests from unintentionally tying up precious flash capacity.

The DataCore™ SANsymphony™-V storage hypervisor makes those dynamic decisions intelligently using a technique called automated storage tiering. Unlike similar functions found in certain high-end intelligent storage arrays, DataCore applies auto-tiering outside the box. In other words, DataCore auto-tiers across any of the storage resources in your datacenter; those that you may have purchased in the past, as well as new technologies that you are likely to acquire in the future.

More specifically, it makes the hard choices about which disk blocks should be accessed from Fusion-io flash cards, and those best migrated to other devices in your diverse storage infrastructure.

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