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Rethinking Media Workflows in Our Post-Pandemic World

Accelerate Productivity with All-in-One Media Appliances

In this post-pandemic world, are you finding it even more complicated to choose the right storage and applications to build an efficient media workflow solution that supports in-house and remote workers, content coming in and out of the cloud, and growing content capacities? You are not alone! 

We took the time to meet up with a number of DPs, production managers, and DITs and talked about the problems they are facing managing growing content and demanding deadlines in their daily workflows, and how they went about putting solutions together that would help. Many were able to build impressive on-set and in-facility solutions, but while they were able to combine different production and archive tools to improve efficiency and to make their daily jobs easier, it took a great deal of time and effort to choose the right products. Their efforts ran into a lot of trial-and-error testing to know what worked together and to make sure they had the right hardware. In addition, folks mentioned having trouble getting the support they needed because some of the products didn’t integrate well or were not supported as a solution. 

It makes you wonder why I would not just eliminate this time-consuming process and enable my creative team to get work done faster?

Inspired to address this market need, SymplyPERIFERY and SymplyTRANSPORTER are built as All-in-One Media Archive Appliances with convenient and powerful tools to optimize media workflows and public cloud connectivity designed right in. With each of these solutions, we include our state-of-the-art Perifery Panel for Adobe Premier Pro users.  

If you want to see what we came up with, check them out.
We think we got it right.

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