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58 min

Making your storage fast again

Jörg Schweinsberg

Director, Growth Markets EMEA

DataCore Software

Alexey Rogachkov

Product Business Development

Intel Corporation

Speed up your storage!

Have you already heard about Intel® Optane™? This new SSD storage technology delivers groundbreaking performance with a significantly improved service life compared to flash-based SSDs.

With DataCore SDS, Intel® Optane™ can also be used with pinpoint accuracy in demanding IT architectures. In addition, DataCore SDS allows the seamless integration of Intel® Optane™ during live operations.

Visit our joint webinar with Intel, in which we discuss with the targeted use of both these modern storage technologies. The Agenda includes the following topics:

  • How to get more performance at a low cost
  • How NVMe and SSDs can be seamlessly integrated
  • How will applications benefit from Intel® Optane™

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