Conquering Your Data Challenges: From Chaos to Control

Explore a cutting-edge approach to address your availability, protection, and accessibility needs for ever-growing datasets.

Store More, Worry Less


Archiving made easy

Store more, worry less.

Tired of waiting on tape?

Speed into the future with faster storage.

Big vision, big files?

Embrace a storage than can handle it all.

Cloud costs spiraling?

Rein in expenses with a more predictable solution.

Where You Store Your Data Matters

The exponential growth of data has continuously exposed the limitations of traditional data storage methods. How do you currently store, protect, and access your data?

While most of your data is not needed all the time, it is still essential to have immediate access when needed, from anywhere. At the same time, it is critical to safeguard data against threats, downtime, and potential loss.

Compare Options

The SAN & NAS Dilemma

Very pricey
Various scalability issues
Problematic remote access

Endless Wait with LTO Tape

Slow data access
Complex to manage
Risk of wear and tear

Disillusionment of the Cloud

Prohibitive costs, hidden fees
Data access problems
Data sovereignty concerns

The Scalable & Cost-Efficient Storage Your Data Needs

Ditch data growth worries and embrace unparalleled flexibility. Now you can store and protect billions of files and gain instant access from anywhere. Simplify content governance with advanced search and seamless collaboration. Leverage the power of smart storage—all at an affordable cost!

Limitless Scalability: From terabytes to exabytes
Complete Control: Manage access and protection on your terms
Safeguarded Data: Leverage broad and proven data services
Maximum Choice: Use any mix of servers and drives

Data Storage Redefined: Futureproof Your Digital Assets

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