Hyperconverged (HCI) Solutions for a Simple, Compact, and Cost-Effective Infrastructure

Ideal for clustered workloads running on VMware ESXi or Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines in the data center or at the edge.

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DataCore™ SDS Solution

Automated installation package creates a hyperconverged virtual SAN from the data drives on the VMware ESXi or Microsoft Hyper-V servers where it is installed.

Best when:

  • Servers are already in place, or
  • New server hardware must be specially selected and customized to specific requirements

Integrated Hardware/Software Package:
DataCore™ HCI-Flex Appliance

Three different hardware models covering small, medium and large capacities needs. All packages include the DataCore™ SDS EN Edition software.

Ideal for:

  • New HCI projects
  • Expansion (scale out) of existing DataCore™ HCI-Flex configurations

HCI-Flex hyperconverged storage appliance

Why Pick DataCore HCI Solutions Over Other Products?

Three good reasons:


Adapts as technology and your needs evolve—you are in control


2-node HA configurations are especially well-suited for space-constrained and budget-constrained projects


Highest performing I/O stack among contenders enables fewer nodes to support large-scale workloads, further reducing costs

DataCore Hyperconverged Virtual SAN gives us the flexibility, reliability and performance to keep our systems running non-stop. No other products I looked at were even close to accomplishing this.

Corey Nelson, IT Manager Emergency Communications of Southern Oregon

DataCore is a popular choice for distributed data centers and SMBs, as it only requires two nodes for a high-availability, single-site or stretched-cluster configuration.

Magic Quadrant for Hyperconverged Infrastructure Gartner

The hyperconverged data centre based on DataCore Virtual SAN enabled us to set up business continuity processes with improved performance and productivity. The new infrastructure also provides greater flexibility with high investment protection for our future.

Adam Bek, Financial Director LERG S.A.

DataCore SDS Solution Licensing Three Editions to Choose From

DataCore™ SDS 製品では、EN、STおよびLSの3つのエディションが選択可能で、テラバイト当たりの価格(円/TB)がそれぞれ異なります。また、サブスクリプションライセンスと永久ライセンスの両方が提供されています。





  • 1 year ST subscription license, including Support and Software Updates
  • 所有総容量によるディスカウント適用
  • 公共・教育機関向け追加ディスカウント有り



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