Desktop Compatibility

Virtualize storage resources for your physical and virtual desktops.

DataCore provides software-defined storage services to popular desktops. Most desktops indirectly access the virtual storage pool through file, application, database and web servers connected to a SAN. However, some environments such as high-end, graphic-intensive applications may connect desktops directly to the SAN in order to attain the desired I/O rates. These, along with virtual (or hosted) desktops perceive the virtualized storage resources as standard, well-behaved disks.

Virtual desktops in hyperconverged configurations take advantage of DataCore’s on-server caching and snapshots of inexpensive local disks. Special VDI Services assist with the creating highly-available / high-density stateful virtual desktops across clustered Hyper-V server pairs.

Please refer to the list of supported Operating Systems (Hosts) for more details.

Note: You may also use standard Windows desktops as the console to manage your DataCore environment.