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Unified Storage (NAS/SAN)

Block level storage services from physical and virtual SANs are excellent for I/O-intensive and latency-sensitive applications. Most everything else aside from specialized object storage is kept on CIFS (SMB) or NFS file shares. DataCore SANsymphony™ offers a unified storage solution which can present block and file storage services simultaneously from the same platform, or split up the functions on separate centrally-managed nodes.

DataCore Hyperconverged Virtual SANの特徴

  • Highly available storage for CIFS/NFS file shares
  • Simultaneously handle block and file level services
  • Cloud-like economics for cheap and deep storage
  • Leverages Windows native CIFS/NFS and Scale-out File services
  • Presents a unified storage platform for all common storage services
  • Ideal for:
    • Cold data, long retention file shares, archive / backups
    • Off-site secondary storage
    • Private cloud (low-cost, in-house capacity)
Unified Storage NAS SAN Diagram
Simultaneously access files and block-level services from a single unified storage services platform.

Cheap and Deep Storage Options

Low-cost licensing options are available for “cheap and deep” storage best suited for aging or relatively inactive data were performance ceases to be a factor. These are sometimes referred to as “bulk storage nodes (BN).” Space saving techniques including deduplication and compression are built in.

Low-Cost Private Cloud Storage Diagram
Secondary storage nodes can be managed alongside other SANsymphony nodes from the same central DataCore console or as standalone nodes.