SymplyPerifery: The Last Media Archive You Will Ever Need

Today’s media workflows are complex. Retaining media assets for the long term while maintaining fast, frequent access is a must. Whether you are monetizing content through distribution or delivery, or archiving assets for reuse, you need cost-predictability and fast, easy asset access. Look no further, SymplyPerifery, addresses these needs and more! This in-facility based native S3 content preservation solution radically simplifies the ability to manage, store, and protect content while allowing fast S3/HTTP access to any application, device, or end-user.

SymplyPerifery is powered by DataCore’s next-generation object storage platform, Perifery, designed for appliances and edge devices, and includes powerful workflow and asset management tools optimized for media workflows, and public cloud connectivity. SymplyPerifery provides organizations with a highly scalable, flexible, and secure archive appliance that integrates seamlessly with workflows in production, post production, studios, sports, and in-house creative.

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