Government agencies are challenged every year with improving their services while their budgets remain tight. Additionally, the amount of data that these agencies must manage continues to grow at incredible rates. This creates a need for revisiting the way these agencies are managing their data infrastructure and for evaluating more efficient solutions.

Every year, the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) conducts a survey of the state CIOs to identify and prioritize the top policy and technology issues facing state government. This survey reports that CIOs rank consolidation, optimization, cloud services, cost control, and data management among their top priorities for 2017.1

Key Challenges for IT in Government

Getting information to their people quickly is crucial to ongoing government operations and providing a more efficient and cost-effective infrastructure to serve the needs of their citizens is a challenging task. Information technology managers in the government sector are looking for solutions that can help improve system performance, consolidate technology, reduce costs, and keep critical services running 24/7.


Increase Application Performance

Fast access to applications and data is crucial for mission-critical government operations


Reduce Infrastructure Costs

With tighter budgets, consolidating infrastructure, maximizing storage capacity utilization, and avoiding costly vendor lock-in is top of mind


Eliminate Downtime

Keeping critical services up and running and recovering from any disaster without losing any data


Data Growth

Keeping up with the exponential growth in data due to trends such as data analytics, video surveillance, and digital evidence

Customer Stories

A Proven Solution for Government

Government agencies have turned to DataCore’s software-defined storage and hyper-converged solutions to maximize efficiency, accelerate response times, lower capital and operating expenses, and modernize their IT infrastructure to help deliver higher quality services faster and serve the needs of their citizens in a better way.

What Our Customers are Saying

  • “This product makes you think differently about storage and ultimately is the next step in virtualization. DataCore Hyper-converged Virtual SAN gives us the flexibility, reliability and performance to keep our systems running non-stop. No other products I looked at were even close to accomplishing this.”

    Corey Nelson
    IT Manager
    Emergency Communications of Southern Oregon

  • “Not only is the performance amazing, the rich feature set of the product provides the county with the features we desire to work across any storage we manage with DataCore.”

    Nathan McDaniel
    IT Director
    Mohave County

  • “Since the original DataCore installation, I have only had to touch the original DataCore configuration maybe twice or three times in over a year. That is important and a real benefit. As far as all of the other features and functions we use – we don’t manage them because we don’t need to –they just work.”

    James Logan
    Systems Administrator
    Northwest Justice Project

  • “DataCore is definitely one of the main reasons our mission critical apps run faster; the SANsymphony-V caching and performance acceleration capabilities play a vital role.”

    Lamar Nicholson
    Storage & Virtual Environment Architect
    NASA Stennis Space Center

DataCore’s Solutions Provide the Following Benefits


  • Increased capacity from your existing storage with better utilization
  • Reduced downtime by making your data continuously available
  • Turbo-charge performance from existing storage
  • Minimize storage costs by eliminating storage silos and managing your data with centralized management

Lower Cost

Lower Cost of Ownership

75% reduction in costs


Faster Applications

10x performance increase


Higher Availability

100% reduction in storage-related downtime


Greater Productivity

90% decrease in time spent on routine storage tasks


Moreover, DataCore provides qualified government entities with access to special promotional offers and extra discounts on our software packages.