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Virtual Storport

In Progress|SANsymphony

Problem to solve:
The current Mini Port implementation for FC and loopback is sitting on an deprecated interface. Issues currently exist with:
- FC/loopback REFS
- Windows Clustering in HCI using loopback and FC
- MPIO integration to leverage ALUA on FC backend/mirror
This also creates performance limitations when SANsymphony is deployed in a "co-resident" HCI model with Microsoft Hyper-V.

Proposed solution:
Implement a new "virtual storport" that allows Microsoft based HCI configurations to be created and take advantage of FC adapter capabilities, when deployed in a "co-resident" HCI model with Microsoft Hyper-V. Also provide ALUA support for FC connected back-end storage.


S3 Frontend Interface

On Roadmap|vFilO|Work in progress

IT organizations have workloads and applications that require an S3 compliant object interface, which is not currently provided by vFilO. This requires them to adopt 3rd party solutions to deliver storage for those workloads and application. The adoptions of these 3rd party solutions creates additional complexity and cost to manage another solution beyond vFilO’s native file storage capabilities. IT organizations what to reduce the complexity and cost of their storage environment and look for solutions that can deliver both native file and object interfaces.
Besides of that, providing self managed S3 storage space is something many customers already asked for.


WORM Objectives from GUI and Anvil CLI

On Roadmap|vFilO|Work in progress

Problem to solve:
WORM Functionality in 4.4 is not accessible through the GUI or the Anvil CLI nor is it apparent that those WORM objectives have been applied to a Share, Directory or File.

Proposed Solution:
Enable administrators to set WORM objectives from the vFilO GUI and Anvil CLI. Also, any WORM objectives set with hs utilities by users should appear in the Apply Objective or Tier panel. Currently, a partial list may be visible temporarily if you hover over the Applied Objectives but they do not show up in the Edit panel for the Applied Objectives.


WORM Compliance certification

On Roadmap|vFilO|DataCore Task

We already have the option to provide WORM memory (via appropriate objectives). However, there are regionally different requirements for our end customers in this area. In order to store data that complies with data protection, appropriate certifications are necessary in many countries, and we should have the most important ones in our portfolio.
Without a full legal compliant WORM functionality the important feature of long term archiving will not fullfill our customers needs.

Problem to solve:
Evaluate the most common certifications required by our customers, and succeed their evaluation processes.

Proposed solution:
Internal and external evaluation of needed certification and attending the audits


Windows plugin for metadata/tag add/delete/modify

On Roadmap|vFilO|Planned

Problem to solve:
We have two vFilo opportunities from Taiwan and China.
The estimated capacity are around 100TB each.
Customer are really interested on vFilo each features,but they are more interested in the manipulation of metadata.

As we all know one of VFIO's sales highlights is METADATA, but so far, DataCore does't provided any tools for customer.
If customer want to add/delete/modify their file tag or attribute,the only toolis "hs command"(which is from hammserspace).

These two prospect customers are not able to accept using command line to do the tag manipulation, they hope to see we can provide windows plug-in for them to do the tag modification.

I think this is very important feature(windows plug-in) because we can't force customers to use command line and script, not to mention that hs command need to do some recursive operations, which is not something that ordinary people can do.

Proposed Solution:
Need Windows plug-in for file(tag/attribute) manipulation(add/delete/modify)


Windows Admin Center Integration

Under Consideration|SANsymphony

Problem to solve:
With Windows Server 2016 began and with 2019 Microsoft goes the clear way to combine the administration of Microsoft features and products in one console, the Windows Admin Center. Currently SANsymphony cannot be managed via the Windows Admin Center , which creates management complexities for Microsoft HCI environments based on SANsymphony.

Proposed Solution:
Simplify and improve the administration of VM's, snapshots, daily routine tasks and monitoring of the environment by integrating the SANsymphony management functions in the Windows Admin Center. These functions include:
- vDisk (create, increase the size and serve to host)
- manage host (vDisk status, capacity, host status)
- snapshot (status and management)
- replication (status and management)
- CDP (status and management)
- manage physical storage (Pool status, add storage)
- view performance metrics
- mange host ports
- manage tiers for the pool
- view capacity utilization
- view most active vDisk and Hosts


vSphere 7.0 Certification


Certify SANsymphony and integration components (core product and VASA provider) for the latest version of vSphere (7.0).


Volume capacity reporting

On Roadmap|vFilO|Done

We now detect the used volume capacity when you add a new volume and we auto-adjust the % to avoid automated mobility without user initiated control


VMware vCenter Plugin v2

On Roadmap|SANsymphony

Need the ability to provision storage, interact with data services and have VM to storage visbility, natively in vCenter.


VASA 3.0 Support

On Roadmap|SANsymphony

Currently, our VASA provider adheres to VASA 2.0 Spec. This prevents our customers from taking advantage of HA, DR and SRM for VVols introduced in VASA 3.0 spec. Include support for async replication and CDP