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Access-based Enumeration (ABE) for CIFS/SMB

On Roadmap|vFilO|Core Product

Problem to solve:
By default, when user open some shared network folder, SMB displays full list of files and folders on it (of course only if user have permission to access share). Access Based Enumeration (ABE) allows you to hide specific files and folders for user who don’t have access permission. This is a mandatory feature for an enterprise-class file server, or a NAS to be saved the VDI user profile, for security reasons.

Proposed Solution:
Implement ABE compatible functionality, to allow to hide objects (files and folders) from users who don’t have NTFS permissions (Read or List) on a network shared folder in order to access them.



On Roadmap|vFilO|Core Product

Especially in larger environments with potentially multiple tenants, it is necessary to be able to control the use of bandwidth and storage capacity. At the moment, this is only possible rudimentarily.

Problem to solve:
It is desired to provide shares and volumes with appropriate quotas in terms of usage, bandwidth, etc. So far, only the Volume Threshold is possible here, this functionality should be significantly expanded.
Doing this will also help deploying Multi-Tennand environments and their handling.

Proposed solution:
Implement Quota Management


CDP History Log Size

Under Consideration|SANsymphony|Core Product

Problem to solve:
History-Log-Size for CDP: Setting options by duration (by days)

Proposed Solution:
It would be desirable to be able to set the history log by duration (days) and not just by memory size. For example, you can set the required duration to 2 days and choose the log size so that capacity is never reached and performance is maintained for cdp-enabled vdisks.


CDP Enhancements

In Progress|SANsymphony|Core Product

Problem to solve:
There are a number of limitations that exist with the Continuous Data Protection (CDP) feature today which prevent DataCore customers from leveraging its full potential. IT administrators report issues of automatic front end throttling or virtual disk errors when CDP is enabled and reaches capacity limitations. Due to its current designed capacity limitations, IT administrators are often times unable to provide enough length of data protection coverage due to burst of data being written to the system. They are also faced with a lack of readily available information about the state of CDP in their environment and how much data protection as a function of time.

Proposed solution:
Enhance the CDP feature to resolve the issues of automatic throttling and disk errors when CDP reaches capacity limitations, extend the capacity limitations to support greater lengths of data protection, and provide the necessary information so IT administrators can better understand the state of CDP in their environment.


vSphere 7.0 Certification

Released|SANsymphony|3rd Party Integrations

Certify SANsymphony and integration components (core product and VASA provider) for the latest version of vSphere (7.0).


Pool Performance Optimizations

In Progress|SANsymphony|Core Product

Problem to solve:
When fast disks, such as NVMe, are included in a Pool, IO performance to the disks is not comparable to the native performance to the disk. IO Performance drops even further when multiple disks of this type are added to the pool.


Native Inline Deduplication

In Progress|SANsymphony|Core Product

Problem to solve:
Due to exponential data growth, IT organizations are faced with a correlating and costly increase in demand for data storage. This increase in demand is often accompanied with a duplicity of data, further driving up the cost of storage. Other storage vendors in the market provide in-line deduplication to combat this problem. Today DataCore SANsymphony does not have an effective and native ability to optimize the capacity utilization related to this duplicate data growth, and puts DataCore at a competitive disadvantage.

Proposed solution:
Provide native in-line deduplication functionality, to allow for the reduction in data written to the backend storage and close the competitive gap that currently exists with SANsymphony.


NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF) Support

On Roadmap|SANsymphony|Core Product

Problem to solve:
SCSI isn't the best protocol anymore for fast storage devices. Many storages nowadays have fast NVMe or SAS SSDs which offers much more IO Performance and short IO latencies. However, the performance is often limited over the FC transport if some server needs big IOs and some needs fast small IOs. The small IOs are often been blocked by the limitation of SCSI to only have one queue.
Small and stable latency is often much more important than pure bandwidth.

Proposed Solution:
First NVMe over Fabrics for frontend ports support, so the Datacore cache can be used with full protentional and fast small cached reads.
Second NVMe over Fabrics for mirror/backend ports, so that Datacore can retrieve the full storage performance in read and write.


VASA 3.0 Support

On Roadmap|SANsymphony|3rd Party Integrations

Currently, our VASA provider adheres to VASA 2.0 Spec. This prevents our customers from taking advantage of HA, DR and SRM for VVols introduced in VASA 3.0 spec. Include support for async replication and CDP


VMware vCenter Plugin v2

On Roadmap|SANsymphony|3rd Party Integrations

Need the ability to provision storage, interact with data services and have VM to storage visbility, natively in vCenter.