4 Must-follow Rules to Hyper-converged Infrastructure Success According to Gartner Research

Apr 18, 2017 AT 01:42 PM

Gartner Hyperconverged DataCore

Contributed by Danielle Brown, Marketing & Demand Gen.

Specialist, DataCore Software


The modern data center is changing fast, but there’s one thing that is remaining consistent – a strong push to simplify and reduce costs of IT infrastructure while maintaining optimum performance.

It can seem like the “easy button,” but before a business jumps head-first into Hyperconverged Integrated Systems (HCIS) they should recognize “easy” often comes with tradeoffs – like I/O limitations that can impact the performance of enterprise applications and challenges with replacing traditional storage.

So how do you solve these challenges?

Discover recommendations and more in this Gartner Research Report that an enterprise must address in order to be successful with HCIS. Here are four recommendations to get you started:




Deploy HCIS to either consolidate all of the midsize data center and remote

office/branch office (ROBO) workloads, or to address

the specific need for self-contained, high impact

workloads such as VDI or virtual server infrastructure in large enterprise data centers




Integrate HCIS as a new platform deployed to support well-defined, 

well-matched workloads and not as a one-size-fits-all server/storage alternative


HyperConverged_Title (1)




Create HCIS software-defined storage (SDS) evaluation criteria,

a test plan, and an analysis tool that assigns heavier weighting to: data reduction ratio; performance and scalability

(all for the worst-case scenario); customer support capabilities and the HCIS vendor’s overall supported ecosystem




Create impact analyses of switching from traditional storage to

HCIS based on vendor proposals and bids in the areas of procurement, facilities, networking, security,

backup and disaster recovery, and future technology deficits


At DataCore, we can help you fulfill your vision of consolidating and reducing the complexity of your IT infrastructure while providing the performance you need for your enterprise applications. Unlike other hyperconverged vendors, DataCore has the world’s fastest hyperconverged solution.

Download the Gartner Research Report to find out how our Hyper-converged Virtual SAN software helped a 911 dispatch center improve their emergency response times by increasing the performance of their SQL Server-based application by 20X.