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Ziya Aral was a tremendous visionary and an inspiring leader. He held the role of Chairman after co-founding DataCore Software in February 1998. Over the last year, Ziya shifted his full focus onto research and development but, even while he was ill, he continued to work with the software engineering teams to lay out the company’s development plans and put in place a multi-year roadmap to build on his legacy as a pioneer and visionary in virtualization and parallel processing technology. Thank you Ziya for making DataCore a great company.

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DataCore Software Chairman Wins Innovator of the Year Award 2016
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DataCore: Parallel I/O and Virtualized Storage Deep Dive Podcast with Guru Ziya Aral
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The significance of parallel I/O in data storage
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Parallel Processing Research Papers– Z.Aral
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Proceedings of ACM/SIGPLAN on Parallel Programming - Parasight
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Variable Weight Processes with Flexible Shared Resources, Aral, et al.
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Benchmarking a Scalable and Highly Available Architecture for Virtual Desktops
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Shared memory multiprocessors: the right approach to parallel processing
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Parasight: a high-level debugger/profiler architecture for shared-memory multiprocessor
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High Level debugging of Parallel Programs
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Process control structures for multiprocessors
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Former Chairman, Co-founder (February, 1998 – January, 2017)

Mr. Aral was responsible for the direction of DataCore Software's technologies, advancements and products. Mr. Aral co-founded the company in 1998 after a 20 year career in the software industry, having served most recently at Encore Computer Corporation as chief technology officer/vice president of engineering.

Mr. Aral was widely published in the field of computer science and considered a leading authority on NUMA architectures, parallel system designs, data storage and I/O systems. He designed the first-high availability UNIX-based intelligent storage controller in the industry, and his development team invented disk-based data-sharing technology.

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