Uncover Hidden Savings and Optimize Your Storage

Easily identify infrequently accessed data on your NAS and file servers, and seamlessly transfer it to economical and secure storage, unlocking significant cost savings.

Cost-Efficient Long-Term Data Preservation

Is your NAS and file storage getting cluttered regularly with old, unused data? Maybe the exponential growth of data is straining your resources and budget? Fear not—you can now analyze your data landscape in minutes and reveal the untapped potential for enormous cost savings.

Gain deeper insights into your data stack and identify dormant files that are eating up valuable storage space on your expensive primary storage systems. Discover how much you can save by offloading these files to more cost-effective and scalable storage for long-term data preservation.

Offload Your NAS/Filers Without Any Change for Users & Applications: Unlock Massive Savings

DataCore FileFly is here for your rescue. Now you can easily streamline data management and automatically identify and offload rarely-accessed files from your NAS and file servers to economical storage. FileFly’s tiering process, which is based on custom policies, is fully transparent to applications and users. This guarantees that there is no impact on business processes and no change to existing IT operations. FileFly leaves behind stubs for easy access and can quickly repatriate data when needed, ensuring seamless data accessibility.

Significant Cost Savings

Significant Cost Savings

Policy-based Data Tiering

Policy-based Data Tiering

Long-term Data Archiving

Long-term Data Archiving

Discover Your Potential Cost Savings

Why Choose Swarm as Your Active Archive Solution

  • Scalability: Scale your storage seamlessly as your data grows – from TBs to EBs
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Reduce storage costs and preserve data for longer terms
  • Accessibility: Instantly access archived data whenever needed
  • Reliability: Ensure data integrity and protection against threats (like ransomware) and other failures
  • Simplicity: Ease to use with self-healing and self-managing smarts

DataCore: Trusted by Global Brands, Loved by IT Pros

Consolidated Communications
Maimonides Medical
Oxford University

We chose Swarm because it was the most flexible platform for us and had good per-terabyte licensing. We started with 100 TBs and now have over 1.25 PBs across 200 nodes from different hardware vendors. Swarm is a key component to deliver that high-end quality service that NEP has always aimed for.

Gerbrand de Ridder, Head of R&D and Lead System Architect NEP The Netherlands

We could just plug a new node in and it would boot itself up automatically. There was no prep work. We had no OS installs. We could migrate disk groups between nodes and Swarm would decide if the disk was part of the node or not and move it around to the correct node.

Lakshmi Venkataswamy, CTO and Cofounder iQ Media

Scalability is one of the slickest things about Swarm, one sweet thing they did with the platform is, when you drop a new node in, it builds itself from the ground up. The new node announces itself to the main controller. If you want to add a 72 terabyte or petabyte node you just drop it in.

John Gillam, CTO for Cloud Services British Telecommunications (BT)