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Simplify how you store, manage, and deliver digital media content with DataCore Software-Defined Storage

The dramatic increase in digital media consumption has driven demand for a colossal amount of video content creation – from direct-to-consumer programming and live stream broadcasts to video-on-demand catalogs on over-the-top (OTT) platforms. Video file sizes are also growing to keep pace with consumer demand for a high-definition visual experience from 4K to 8K to VR (Virtual Reality). Storage and safekeeping of all these video files is an operational challenge faced by many media and entertainment (M&E) organizations.

241 EB Between 2019 and 2025, storage capacity shipped per year is expected to grow from 70.8 EB to 241 EB.
116 EB By 2025, over 116 EB of new digital storage will be used for digital archiving, content conversion, and preservation.
52.7 EB Between 2019 and 2025, overall object storage capacity for M&E is expected to grow from 14.3 EB to 52.7 EB.

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Software-Defined Storage for Media & Entertainment

DataCore offers industry-leading software-defined storage (SDS) solutions for block, file, and object storage to help M&E organizations achieve faster time-to-value for video production, distribution, and preservation.

DataCore SDS products SANsymphony (for block-based SAN/HCI environments), vFilO (global file system for NAS and NFS/SMB filers), and Swarm (scalable object storage with intelligent content management) allow M&E organizations to store, protect, manage, and access data on their choice of hardware.

This allows them to eliminate media storage silos, optimize capacity utilization, and reduce total cost of ownership for storage infrastructure.

Media Worklfow

We chose Swarm because it was the most flexible platform for us and had good per-terabyte licensing. We started with 100 TBs and now have over 1.25 PBs across 200 nodes from different hardware vendors. Swarm is a key component to deliver that high-end quality service that NEP has always aimed for.

Gerbrand de Ridder, Head of R&D and Lead System Architect NEP The Netherlands

We could just plug a new node in and it would boot itself up automatically. There was no prep work. We had no OS installs. We could migrate disk groups between nodes and Swarm would decide if the disk was part of the node or not and move it around to the correct node.

Lakshmi Venkataswamy, CTO and Cofounder iQ Media

DataCore has made managing storage simple and extremely easy. Achieve 100% uptime, utilizing dual nodes.

Ryan Tetzlaff, IT Manager Open Systems International Inc.

Meet Performance and Access Demands of Digital Media Workflows

As new digital content is created, it goes through production workflows and is then stored for access, delivery, and long-term preservation. These digital media workflows require high-performance data storage infrastructure (such as SAN/NAS) to process and render the video, add animations, and perform encoding and transcoding operations.

Once rendered, the video content needs to then be stored in an easily accessible video archive for post-production access and future use.

  • Accelerate the performance of SAN arrays with patented technologies such as parallel I/O processing and using DRAM as cache
  • Tier media content on appropriate storage to match the value of data and speed of operations required
  • Improve performance of file access from NAS devices with parallel NFS processing and throughput optimization
  • Store and access video on scalable and S3-accessible on-premises object storage – faster than tape and more economically than the cloud

Video Streaming and Video on Demand Workflow

DataCore software-defined storage solutions used in digital media workflow

Simplify Digital Asset Management and Collaboration

Whether for production or digital publishing, being able to retrieve files quickly is paramount for video editors and asset managers. Files need to be searched and delivered to the right place as quickly and efficiently as possible.

DataCore SDS solutions enable M&E organizations to easily manage media directly on the storage layer or through your preferred asset management solution. Whether it is a new video or archived footage, you can easily retrieve files using flexible access methods and intuitive search capabilities. Leveraging metadata attributes, files can be searched and retrieved easily for editing, streaming, and publishing.

Making content access easier with different access methods, DataCore SDS solutions are ideal for private content streaming, long-tail delivery, origin storage, and enabling over-the-top (OTT) services directly from the archive storage layer.

media workflow

Preserve and Archive Digital Media While Enabling Immediate Reuse

Broadcasters, streaming services, studios, and production houses all have rapidly growing libraries of back catalog content. This includes produced videos, raw footage, editorial cuts, and promotional assets. All of this content needs to be protected and preserved but still remain searchable and accessible for reuse and repurposing.

With DataCore SDS solutions M&E organizations can keep content on high-performance SAN or NAS while it is being processed and then offload it to more economical object storage once complete for the maximum return-on-storage investments.

  • Protect data in secure object storage platform within your data center
  • Easily share access with users wherever they are via S3/HTTP, NFS, and SMB protocols
  • Leverage smart search and analytics to retrieve data from archive
  • Seamlessly scale as needed from TB to EB
  • Use smart data migration automation to move data from NAS to object storage, and back when needed
  • Store multiple copies of data in remote sites for disaster recovery

DataCore Swarm Object Storage for Media Management, Digital Video Delivery & Archive

Deliver an Unmatched Media & Entertainment Experience

DataCore SDS solutions for block, file, and object storage enable seamless access to data anywhere, anytime and ensure continuous business operations. Get ahead of unexpected outages and hardware failures and create a resilient data storage infrastructure for digital video workloads and media workflow management.

Data Availability

data availability

Ensure high availability of data to meet business demand, customer SLAs, and compliance regulations.

Increase data durability and storage resiliency to deal with outages due to any type of disruption (from hardware failure to disasters).

Data Protection

Multitenant Icon Security Compliance

Safeguard your media files with a combination of proven data protection schemes.

  • Block & File Storage: Sync mirroring and async replication
  • Object Storage: Sync mirroring, async replication, and erasure coding

Data Access

data access

Always get access to data from the right storage at the right time. Flexible access methods ensure seamless collaboration and flexible delivery.

  • Block Storage: Fiber Channel, iSCSI
  • File Storage: NFS, SMB
  • Object Storage: S3/HTTP, NFS, SMB

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sansymphony software-defined storage for san and hci environments

For high-performance SAN and hyperconverged infrastructures

  • Increase responsiveness of storage supporting high-throughput media processing workloads (for transcoding, rendering, video editing, etc.)
  • Ensure business continuity and uninterrupted execution of digital media workflows

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Global File System for Distributed Sites and Hybrid Clouds

Global file system for collaboration across distributed NAS/filers

  • Create a consolidated and shared file system for media content
  • Simplify file sharing and collaboration across distributed NAS devices and sites
  • Automatically migrate assets to the storage tier that best fits the need

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Software-Defined Object Storage Solution for On-Premises and Private Cloud Environments

For scalable data access, delivery, and archive

  • Store and protect media content on S3-accessible object storage
  • Get on-demand access to digital assets from active archive
  • Ideal for origin storage, long-tail delivery, enabling OTT services, and storage target for media asset management solutions

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