Senior Software Development Engineer – Linux Platform

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

DataCore is looking for a Platform Engineer to help build and maintain Swarm storage appliances.  This role requires deep understanding of the Linux platform, ability to integrate tools and APIs to manage networks and containers, and ability to build and maintain a REST-based API for internal and external customers to integrate with.

A qualified candidate will be able to work with Linux environments from the command line as well as configure Linux environments using packaging tools.  Additionally, they will be able to design, build and use REST APIs using appropriate programming languages, and integrate the APIs into platform and application libraries. 


The Senior Platform Development Engineer will act as a strategic and productive member to our organization and management through hands-on development of core components of DataCore Swarm platform.  Team members work in a fast-paced environment delivering both tactical and strategic technology solutions.

Key responsibilities and duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Develop and integrate products on Linux platforms including packaging with aptitude, yum, etc.
  • Working with file systems, disk partitioning, and volume management
  • Design platform networking experience (DNS, DHCP, PXE, routing, bonding)
  • Develop automation and orchestration with tools such as Ansible, terraform and podman.
  • Working with tools surrounding the Kubernetes ecosystem such as helm, kubeadm, Sysdig, Prometheus, Grafana, Fluentbit etc.
  • Web/HTTP development in Python (preferred), Java,  or C++
  • Work with support to diagnose failures at customer sites and to develop knowledge base articles
  • Work with the documentation team to ensure a favorable customer experience.


Essential skills and experience required:

  • Computer science or equivalent degree with 5 + years of relevant experience 
  • Linux platform experience (Debian, Redhat/CentOS, or Ubuntu), including packaging with aptitude, yum, etc.
  • Experience with bash scripting and using Linux console commands and utilities
  • Experience in deploying containerized applications using podman, Kubernetes.
  • Working knowledge on Ansible, Terraform and Docker
  • Understanding of file systems, disk partitioning, and volume management including via containers
  • Extensive networking experience, including DNS, DHCP, PXE booting, bonding modes and routing
  • Web/HTTP development experience in Java, Python, or C++
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Helpful qualifications:

  • Experience with terraform vcenter provider, KVM provider, RESTful interfaces (as a client or developer), especially building REST APIs for UI/UX consumption
  • Web Frameworks (NodeJS, Flask, Twisted, etc.)
  • Data manipulation with Python, Java, C++, including:
  • Summarizing, aggregating, filtering, etc.
  • Ability to work with data structures (Key/Value, Hash Tables, Time series data, etc.)
  • Use of tools like etcd, RRD, InfluxDB, Elasticsearch, etc
  • Cloud Deployment/Management (AWS, OpenStack, Azure, etc.)

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