vignette pourquoi le logiciel parallel io et loi de moore
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Pourquoi la technologie Parallel I/O et la loi de Moore permettent à la virtualisation et aux data centers Software-Defined de réaliser leur potentiel

Today’s demanding applications, especially within virtualized environments, require high performance from storage to keep up with the rate of data acquisition and unpredictable demands of enterprise workloads. In a world that requires near instant response times and increasingly faster access to data, the needs of business-critical tier 1 enterprise applications, such as databases including SQL, Oracle and SAP, have been largely unmet.

The major bottleneck holding back the industry is I/O performance. This is because current systems still rely on device -level optimizations tied to specific disk and flash technologies since they don’t have software optimizations that can fully harness the latest advances in more powerful server system technologies such as multicore architectures. Therefore, they have not been able to keep up with the pace of Moore’s Law.

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