Archivage actif vers un stockage objet Swarm à l'aide de FileFly

Are you struggling with data sprawl in your NAS devices and file servers? Are you constantly running out of room and having to periodically add more filers?

Now, you can easily migrate all these files to DataCore Swarm on-premises active archive. This is possible with the data migration and file tiering software from DataCore called FileFly. Using policy-driven automation, files are archived from your NAS and file servers to object storage. The file migration process is completely transparent to end users and applications.

This detailed walkthrough video will shed light on how FileFly enables active archiving to Swarm, thereby freeing up capacity on your primary storage and reducing storage TCO.

Learn more about active archiving using DataCore FileFly.

Find out how DataCore Swarm cost-effectively archive and protect your growing datasets.