Media Content Preservation with Swarm

Modern media workflows are complex. Content is being created in studios and in remote locations, while production is often split between facility and remote workers. The need to retain media assets for the long term but also maintain fast, frequent access is challenging. Keeping large amounts of content in public cloud or in primary storage locations is costly – there is a better way!

DataCore Swarm is a cost-predictable S3 object storage option to meet your budget; preserve, protect, and monetize your valuable digital assets faster. Offering the best features of the cloud with lower predictable costs, less complexity, the highest level of content security and accessibility, with infinite scalability, Swarm ensures your content is always online, searchable and accessible. Eliminate costly and time-consuming hardware refresh cycles with Swarm’s migrate in place technology, and say good-bye to cloud egress fees, and tape and internet slowdowns.

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