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Ensuring Continuous Operations for Zuegg with Reliable Hyperconverged Infrastructure Solution

Zuegg specializes in producing a wide range of fruit-based products under the Zuegg and Zuegg
Skipper brands, leveraging their own orchards in Italy‘s optimal climatic conditions to ensure high-
quality produce. Their production processes are distinguished by the “Zuegg Method,” a series of
high-quality procedures that have earned them prestigious certifications such as ISO 9001, ISF, and
BRC, reflecting their commitment to excellence and innovation in the food industry.

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IT Challenge

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Nearing the end of 2022, Zuegg had to deal with its outdated hyper-converged infrastructure and started looking for a new solution as replacement.

Their main goal in reassessing the infrastructure was to achieve significant enhancements, with increased focus on scalability, while also ensuring resilience— vital for a company for whom uninterrupted operations are paramount.


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In pursuit of a hyper-converged solution capable of guaranteeing business continuity in their VMware environment, DataCore SANsymphony stood out as the optimal solution.

Simplicity, flexibility, and superior performance were key factors in Zuegg’s choice to incorporate SANsymphony into its Verona data center.


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Deploying SANsymphony enabled the support of approximately 50 virtual servers within a VMware framework, effectively pooling available block storage. This dual-node configuration afforded Zuegg the assurance of uninterrupted operations and the promise of unparalleled scalability. Remarkably, this user-friendly setup was operational within weeks, seamlessly integrating into production without disrupting ongoing service delivery.

Zuegg’s Journey with SANsymphony:
Effortless Setup, Lasting Benefits

When Zuegg’s existing hyper-converged solution reached the end of its lifecycle, renewing it seemed the straightforward path.

However, an unwavering commitment to innovation prompted the exploration of new avenues, leading to the adoption of DataCore solutions. The primary goal was to achieve a scalable and robust framework ensuring adequate development in the years to come.

Starting from the need to cater to about fifty virtual servers and a few hundred users, the adoption of SANsymphony software-defined storage platform brought simplicity, flexibility, and superior performance. The two-node HCI architecture further cemented operational reliability under any circumstance.

Efficient Migration & Operational Success

Zuegg also emphasized the swift and seamless migration imperative to maintaining uninterrupted business operations. This goal was achieved within a few weeks from the project’s inception, without any notable hindrances.

With the SANsymphony in production, Zuegg could experience the promised benefits firsthand. SANsymphony’s inherent simplicity minimized training requirements and facilitated a transparent migration process. In the months following, there were no significant problems, proving the solution’s reliability post a swift implementation phase. Not having to make any initial changes also showed how well Array System planned and executed the project.

“When we propose and implement new architectures, it is important that they are understandable for us and can replace others in the most painless way possible. Therefore, support is fundamental for us.

Having a partner that responds quickly, even outside standard working hours, is important, and DataCore has proven to be extremely effective on multiple occasions. When there is a problem, we must react quickly, and to do so, we need a supply chain capable of helping us quickly resolve any issues that may arise.”

Tecla Geremia
IT Manager, Zuegg

“Our experience with SANsymphony in production has been overwhelmingly positive to date: we have not encountered the need for extensive maintenance or configuration adjustments.

This underscores the solution’s alignment with our needs. The accurate initial sizing and DataCore’s licensing policy provide us with a forward-looking assurance of seamless scalability.”

Array System


Zuegg, established in 1890 in Lana d’Adige as a small family farming business, has evolved into an international industrial group based in Verona.

A market leader in jams and juices with its Zuegg and Skipper brands, the company encourages people to favor fruit and vegetable consumption for a sustainable diet.For five generations, it has been cultivating and processing the fruits of the earth with deep respect for the planet and all its inhabitants.

Array System

Based in Grisignano di Zocco, Vicenza, Italy, Array System collaborates with clients to determine business objectives and identify which information system operations can be effectively and efficiently outsourced, thereby reducing IT expenses and freeing up resources for internal innovation.

The company takes full or partial charge of its clients’ IT infrastructure, setting appropriate service standards with medium-to-long-term contracts and agreements that range from full outsourcing to managed services, providing on-demand management of specific IT processes for the SME market.