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Tenir la promesse de consolidation de l’infrastructure

Learn how to get the most out of your infrastructure consolidation projects

When hypervisor-based computing was pressed forward as application hosting option in the early 2000s, a large part of the value proposition had to do with the benefits of server consolidation that would be realized from server virtualization. Leading analysts claimed that the consolidation value would be so significant that consumers would see a sharp decline in CAPEX spending that would more than compensate for the cost of hypervisor software and services. Plus, with the reduction in physical hardware kit and the resulting reduction in floor space and environmental costs, IT shops would also realize OPEX advantages: fewer servers translating to fewer server administrators, smaller IT staff and reduced labor costs.

To many firms, this was a compelling value case. Only, it didn’t materialize as planned. One obstacle to realizing consolidation goals has been the perpetuation of legacy storage arrays and storage area networks (SANs). With the continuing evolution of technologies for deploying converged and hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), this obstacle might be surmounted in many cases, enabling “hyper-consolidation” along the way. That’s where DataCore Software technologies can play a big role.

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