Reduce Data Storage Costs and Save on IT Expenses

Get the most out of your storage investments and lower TCO of your enterprise IT

Maximize the Value of Current and Future IT investments

When IT teams are strained with budget restrictions and infrastructure expansion projects are delayed, it is challenging to support growing business requirements – especially on the data storage front. Throwing hardware at the problem cannot be your solution.

DataCore gives you a smarter way to solve your IT infrastructure expansion problems, increasing the value of past investments and ensuring maximum benefit from future ones. Achieve high storage efficiency and performance, and delay the purchase of new hardware, thus reducing TCO and improving ROI.

reduce data storage costs

achieve IT cost savings future-proof storage infrastructure

Overcome Purchase Delay Hurdles from Your IT Supply Chain

DataCore software-defined storage solutions help IT teams to assess and evaluate storage usage trends and implement optimization strategies to make use of existing resources without being impacted by budget constraints and supply chain shortfall due market recession, viral pandemic or other external factors.

  • Pool all storage resources together and understand what data is stored in what devices – premium, mid-range, commodity and cloud
  • Keep hot data on premium devices and automatically move warm and cold data to lower-cost storage
  • Leverage object storage and elastic cloud as cheaper alternatives to store infrequently accessed or archival data
  • Employ data deduplication and compression techniques to save storage capacity
lower TCO and increase ROI on enterprise storage investments

Shift from CAPEX to OPEX and Lower TCO

By allowing you to delay the purchase of storage equipment, DataCore helps your lower your CAPEX costs. By efficiently optimizing, managing and deriving the most out of existing resources to meet business demand move to an OPEX model and balance your budgets.

  • Forecast when you will run out of capacity based on current data storage usage trends
  • Consolidate storage resources and automatically move data to appropriate storage based on business requirements
  • Balance load and capacity across your storage fabric and avoid creating silos that get full quickly

“With DataCore, it’s never a forklift operation. You can purchase the latest hardware and deploy it where it needs to be, gaining immediate benefits of the latest hardware without losing the investment in existing data infrastructure.”

Kent Hansen, Director of IT Architectural Nexus
ultimate IT storage flexibility

Flexibilité et choix de l'infrastructure

DataCore’s software will run on any standard x86 hardware and virtualization software, which gives enterprise IT teams the flexibility to pick the hardware, technologies and platforms to meet their needs and leverage existing IT investments when possible.

  • Companies don’t need to “rip and replace” to realize the benefits of DataCore’s capabilities
  • Du matériel à l'hyperviseur, DataCore offre un très grand choix d'options et plusieurs architectures de déploiement.
  • Enjoy the freedom to choose the right storage device for each application or project
avoid storage vendor lock-in

Libérez votre entreprise de toute emprise

Whether it is hyperconverged infrastructure or software-defined storage, DataCore’s services are hardware-agnostic, providing a unified storage layer for applications and management across different technologies and infrastructure vendors, easing administrative burdens.

  • Les logiciels de DataCore sont compatibles avec l'infrastructure existante, ce qui prolonge la vie des équipements
  • Better utilization of current infrastructure reduces costs and gives you more control on when to make your hardware investments
  • New technologies that work with standard x86 hardware can be easily integrated – from AFAs to NVMe –simplifying the process of assigning the right storage tier to each application
hanover hospital mini case study

Étude de cas : Hôpital de Hanover

L'hôpital de Hanover en Pennsylvanie est un hôpital communautaire indépendant, à but non lucratif, gérant 6 000 consultations de patients, 190 000 visites ambulatoires, avec 600 000 tests en laboratoire et 90 000 examens d’imagerie.

L’équipe informatique de Hanover cherchait une solution capable d’évoluer rapidement, tout en préservant la disponibilité des applications bien plus efficacement que par le passé.

Avec DataCore, l'hôpital de Hanover a considérablement réduit le temps passé aux tâches quotidiennes et les coûts associés au stockage, tout en augmentant l'utilisation de la capacité et les performances de ses applications. Le stockage à haute disponibilité de Hanover a aussi diminué façon spectaculaire le temps nécessaire pour configurer le stockage et les systèmes.

Étude de cas complète

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