Un'infrastruttura IT a prova di futuro con la libertà dei vecchi design
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Un'infrastruttura IT a prova di futuro con la libertà dei vecchi design

Achieving IT Modernization While Preserving Flexibility and Minimizing Migration Pain

In our developing digital economy, IT is a strategic asset. By effectively leveraging data, businesses become more operationally efficient, create more differentiated customer experiences, and develop new products and business models. However, unlocking those benefits requires a higher degree of execution by IT. Simply keeping pace with demand is no longer good enough; IT needs to help drive the business’s digital pursuits. The increased pressure on IT has amplified complexity, as well—66% of IT decision makers surveyed by ESG say IT is more complex than it was just two years ago.1

Demands being placed on IT are scaling relentlessly, and the tools IT teams use are in a constant state of evolution. Integrating and optimizing those new infrastructure technologies while managing existing investments is a perpetual burden. IT organizations, therefore, have two choices: either increase their personnel and budgets enough to survive the evolution with just traditional tools, or redirect those people and budgets toward maximizing IT infrastructure flexibility, including abstracting from their applications any technology changes that they make to the infrastructure.

This white paper covers:

  • New technologies to solve your IT organizations burdens
  • New deployment options
  • Automatic and seamless data migration

1 Source: ESG Master Survey Results, 2019 Technology Spending Intentions Survey. All ESG research references and charts in this white paper have been taken from this survey results set, unless otherwise indicated.

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