Le soluzioni di infrastruttura iperconvergente (HCI)

Leverage the simplicity and cost benefits of HCI combined with ultimate flexibility and unmatched data services.
Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI)
protezione automatica dal failover

Full-Featured with Just 2 Nodes

Facile scalabilità della capienza

Scale Out & Scale Up As Needed

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Runs with Any x86 Hardware

Leverage External Storage for HCI

Leverage External Storage for HCI

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Comprehensive Data Services

Serve HCI Storage to Non-HCI Apps

Serve HCI Storage to Non-HCI Apps

In today’s evolving technology landscape, managing different layers of the IT infrastructure is often complex and expensive and may require specialized skillsets for daily operations. With HCI, it is possible to merge the compute and storage layers of the IT stack into the simple form factor of x86 servers. This drives down costs drastically and simplifies administration.

DataCore SANsymphony allows you to cost-effectively create a resilient and compact HCI cluster, starting with 2 nodes, to ensure high availability for your mission-critical applications. Choose any standard x86 hardware and customize with your choice of components (server, hypervisor, CPU, RAM, network, SSDs, HDDs, etc.) – all with the ability to scale or adapt to future IT or business needs.

  • Is managing your IT infrastructure quite complex and laborious?
  • Are you finding it hard to adapt your IT infrastructure to meet changing requirements?
  • Is it challenging to cut down IT costs with your current setup?
  • Do you face difficulties ensuring adequate data services for your mission-critical applications?
  • Are you constrained by specific compatibility lists and vendor lock-ins?
  • Does your existing IT infrastructure design not align well with the needs of edge sites or remote branch offices?

Discover How SANsymphony Transforms Your IT Environment with the Power of HCI

I vantaggi principali

  • Enhanced data services: HA/DR, performance acceleration, Continuous Data Protection (CDP), etc.
  • Free choice of hardware and hypervisor to avoid vendor lock-in
  • Independently scale compute and storage, and expand granularly
  • Flexibility to change deployment without any impact to the applications
  • Allows for high VM density on HCI nodes
  • Leverage external storage for HCI clusters
  • Serve HCI storage to non-HCI applications
  • Fully featured HCI with just two nodes – no third instance needed
    • Risparmia investimenti, energia, spazio e costi di licenza
    • Supporta connettività senza switch, possibile anche tramite FC

“Dramatically lower both capital and operational costs with DataCore’s revolutionary architecture and integrated management, which efficiently leverages the full power of your hardware. Most hyperconverged products place restrictions on the hardware or hypervisors that your business can choose. SANsymphony gives you the freedom to deploy and grow your hyperconverged infrastructure the way you want.

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HCI Casi d'uso

  • Conveniente per le piccole organizzazioni IT
    • Basato su componenti x86 standard
    • Non serve storage separato
  • Scalabile facilmente, a partire da 2 nodi HCI
  • Mette lo storage a disposizione anche di applicazioni non-HCI

Le soluzioni HCI per i piccoli data center

  • Utilizza l'HCI come piattaforma per specifiche applicazioni
  • Le applicazioni sono separate dal data center primario, anche se ancora integrate
    • Aiuta a raggiungere gli obiettivi di conformità
    • Permette di risparmiare sui costi di licenza delle applicazioni
    • Garantisce i livelli di QoS
  • TCO più basso con ingombri dell'hardware più contenuti

piattaforma iperconvergente

  • Servizi dati indipendenti, anche se integrati a livello centrale
  • Elaborazione locale dei dati sui dispositivi edge
  • Meno dati da trasmettere via cavo
  • Supports Edge, ROBO and IoT deployments

edge computing


Find out why DataCore is selected as one of the Top 5 Vendors by DCIG for HCI Software Solutions

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Servizi dati

DataCore SANsymphony viene fornito con una serie di servizi dati che possono essere utilizzati sui più diversi dispositivi, modelli e deployment da un singolo command e control plane.


Metodi di accesso*

  • FC

Protocolli d storage


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