I prodotti di Software-Defined Storage di DataCore

DataCore offre le soluzioni di software-defined storage più flessibili, intelligenti e potenti del settore per il core, l'edge e il cloud.

With a comprehensive product suite, intellectual property portfolio, and unrivaled experience in storage virtualization and advanced data services, DataCore has helped over 10,000 customers worldwide modernize how they store, protect, and access data.

Datacore Sds Diagram V


Gli impieghi tipici
  • Ensure continuous business operations with integrated HA/BC/DR capabilities
  • Improve data access to accelerate application performance and responsiveness
  • Adapt and modernize your storage infrastructure non-disruptively
  • Run pure HCI that can serve non-HCI applications and leverage external storage


Gli impieghi tipici
  • Offload files from expensive NAS/filers to cost-effective on-premises active archive
  • Protect and secure data, ensure data integrity, and meet compliance requirements
  • Streamline collaboration and enable distributed content access with multi-tenant S3 storage
  • Simplify digital media workflows enabling nearline archive, long-term content preservation, and content distribution


Gli impieghi tipici
  • Dynamically provision persistent volumes to stateful applications running on K8s
  • Leverage the benefits of NVMe/NVMe-oF to achieve high throughput for low-latency applications
  • Replace complex storage management with native K8s automation
  • Based on the popular CNCF open-source project OpenEBS

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