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Software-Defined Storage

L'SDS di DataCore™ elimina i lock-in imposti dall'hardware e dai produttori, offrendo ai dipartimenti IT la massima flessibilità e rendendo al contempo lo storage più intelligente, efficiente e disponibile

DataCore ONE: la nostra visione del futuro nel settore dello storage

È arrivato il momento per l'IT di mantenere la promessa del software-defined storage: una piattaforma unificata per semplificare e ottimizzare i tier di storage primario, secondario e di archiviazione, tutti gestiti da un'unica dashboard di analisi predittiva.

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Distributed File and Object Storage Virtualization

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DataCore™ Insight Services

Analisi predittiva, ottimizzazione proattiva

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Appliance HCI-Flex

Quando la semplicità incontra la flessibilità

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L'IT funziona meglio con il Software-Defined Storage

  • Control all your unstructured data under one intelligent system to improves user visibility and simplify IT management
  • Improve user productivity and collaboration across sites with faster, easier access to files and multimedia
  • Fulfill data governance obligations through explicit policies or high-level objectives
  • Derive new business insights gleaned from metadata and dynamically treat your files according to their changing business relevance
  • Expand and modernize as needed with no dependency on device or manufacturer
  • Integrate new server and storage technologies alongside existing equipment without painful and expensive forklift upgrades
  • Store data where it makes most sense, traversing sites and hardware architectures, based on explicit policies
  • Enjoy the power of object and file access methods in one system with multi-protocol support
  • Avoid disruptive data migrations and recover time lost shuffling files around and backing them up
  • Automate data optimization to effortlessly track and adjust where data is stored and how much it costs
  • Enable zero-touch unified management of different data types and profiles under one intelligent system
  • Deploy without system interruption in under 30 minutes with an easy-to-use intelligent GUI

Le conferme di analisti di settore, stampa e clienti

100% available over the last 10 years

Because of the built-in mirror function, our DataCore storage cluster has an 100% availability quote over the last ten years. You can update, migrate, power off one server, and the other one goes seamlessly active.

Administrator Mid-Market (201-500 employees)

The benefit of DataCore’s seamless, integrated platform is that companies can have just one easy-to-manage storage architecture.

Carla Arend, Nick Sundby IDC

DataCore delivers simplicity and reduces operational costs by enabling efficiency, allowing customers to do more with less. Ultimately, without efficiency, simplicity is a myth.

Scott Sinclair, Senior Analyst Enterprise Strategy Group

DataCore has a long track record of supporting latency-sensitive, business-critical enterprise applications, with a performance-optimized data layout in its SDS architecture, and has validated its performance through SPC-1 performance benchmarks.

Magic Quadrant for Hyperconverged Infrastructure Gartner

DataCore Hyperconverged Virtual SAN gives us the flexibility, reliability, and performance to keep our systems running non-stop. No other products I looked at were even close to accomplishing this.

Corey Nelson, IT Manager Emergency Communications of Southern Oregon

Everyone else here was a little bit skeptical as to the speeds and other performance metrics we were claiming were possible with software-defined storage. Now, they are all believers.

Kevin Schmidt, Senior Network Engineer Thorntons, Inc.

DataCore’s intelligent use of processor and storage capacity puts it ahead of the rest at this time.

Dan Kusnetzky Virtualization & Cloud Review

DataCore has been extremely important in ensuring the Stennis Data Center services are high performing and highly available.

David Oakes, Systems Support Manager NASA Stennis Data Center

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