Why Partner with DataCore

Any hardware, any workload, ultimate flexibility

Who Is DataCore?

DataCore Software is the Authority on Software-Defined Storage (SDS). Its hardware agnostic solutions empower IT organizations to achieve a highly-efficient, high-performance, always-available data center environments and provide ultimate flexibility in how they build, manage, and modernize their storage infrastructures.

An industry pioneer in SDS, DataCore has extended its technological innovation to hyperconverged infrastructure solutions to broaden the possibilities of what organizations can do with their existing storage investments as they transition to hyperconverged and hybrid cloud environments.

DataCore’s proven, mature, and reliable SDS products help more than 10,000 customers worldwide eliminate downtime and increase storage utilization at higher performance while reducing costs by 50 percent or more.

The global software-defined storage market is expected to reach USD 21.07 billion by 2023, recording a CAGR of 25.8% during the forecast period of 2018-2023.

– Reuters

…by 2024, 50% of the global storage capacity will be deployed as SDS on-premises or on the public cloud (up from less than 15% today)

– Gartner

DataCore at a Glance

686 New Customers This Year
800+ Active Partners
10 Profitable Consecutive Years
10,000+ SDS Deployments
30,000+ Software Licenses Issued
23 Patents
250+ Global Employees
14 Global Offices

World-Class Customer Satisfaction

NPS 73


The NPS Benchmark range extends from -100 to +100. A score above 70 is considered to be “world class”. The industry NPS average is 31.

World-class Customer Satisfaction

  • Customer Satisfaction Score of 99.6% or greater since 2016
  • Met all customer service SLAs by 100% in Aug 2019
  • Won Stevie Awards for Frontline Customer Service Team of the Year for the last 6 years

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of DataCore customers reported positive ROI within one year

freedom hw techvalidate


of DataCore customers agree that SDS has given them freedom to choose HW platforms that best meet their needs and budget

reduce downtime techvalidate


of DataCore customers report reduced storage-related downtime by 50% or more

DataCore recently launched its vision to fundamentally change the storage industry with software-defined storage solutions that break silos and hardware dependencies, enabling IT to make storage smarter, more effective, and easier to manage.

DataCore ONE is the most innovative launch in company history with the goal of allowing IT to realize the promise of SDS with a unified platform to simplify and optimize primary, secondary and archive storage tiers, all managed under a cloud-based predictive analytics dashboard.

DataCore ONE

Riconoscimenti & premi

Products of the Year 2019 di CRN


5-Stars, Partner Program Guide 2019 di CRN®

Vincitrice Partner Program Guide 2019 di CRN

Premio Tech Innovator 2019 di CRN

sito_web_2019_CRN Tech Innovators Award_Finalist

DataCore, il fornitore di SANsymphony, è diventato supersonico, lanciando un appliance iperconvergente, approfondimenti predittivi basati su cloud e un modello di licenze a termine.

Chris Mellor The Register

A clever move from DataCore.


They’re serious about pushing toward the future, with the new CEO, new brand, new pricing model and this push to fulfill more of the software-defined stack down the road, adding more long-term archive type storage.

Jeff Kato Taneja Group

L'approccio DataCore ONE vede un modello unificato per lo storage primario e secondario che mira a bilanciare prezzo, prestazioni e gestione di sistema con la semplicità della scalabilità orizzontale di storage modulare basato su HCI.

Steven Hill, Liam Rogers 451 Research

You are in the right place at the right time.

George Crump Famous Storage Blogger

DataCore shakes the industry w/ new products supporting a new Vision.

Philippe Nicolas File Storage Technologies

Let's Go After the Market Together

Target Verticals & Prospect Size

  • SLED
  • Sanità
  • Servizi finanziari
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Termini legali
  • Media
  • POTENZIALI: aziende mid-market con team IT centralizzato

Target Use Cases

  • VDI
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • ROBO
  • Edge Computing
  • Legacy Storage Virtualization
  • Datacenter Modernization
  • Hardware Refresh Cycles
  • Reduce Admin Time on Storage Management

Holistic SDS Portfolio

Block Storage

  • Massima flessibilità
  • Business continuity sempre attiva
  • Massime prestazioni
  • Risparmi sui costi
  • Gestione uniforme

File & Object

  • Visibilità & Controllo
  • Massima flessibilità
  • Efficienza & Semplicità

Simple & Competitive Pricing Models

Three types of capacity licenses are available.

Licenza EN

Enterprise class licenses offer the highest performance, richest feature set and most flexibility

Licenza ST

Standard licenses are ideal for midrange requirements

Licenza LS

Large scale Secondary storage licenses are tailored for cheap and deep storage where performance is not a factor

icona del listino abbonamento

Licenze in abbonamento

  • Competitive pricing – affordable entry into SDS
  • A lungo termine, le licenze in abbonamento garantiscono ai partner più fatturato e margini più elevati
  • La licenza in abbonamento comprende il supporto e gli aggiornamenti software
  • Sono previsti sconti-quantità
  • Enti governativi e scolastici possono avere accesso a condizioni economiche specifiche
icona del ramo entrate sostenibili

Build A Sustainable Revenue Stream

  • Eccellenti programmi di rinnovo per Manutenzione & Licenze in abbonamento
  • Provide strategic value, not just one-time sale
  • Enables much needed cash flow and lucrative business:
    • DataCore customers often purchase 3 years upfront boosting initial partner cash flow.
    • Quando vengono rinnovati i contratti di manutenzione e di abbonamento, i clienti DataCore spesso li acquistano per una durata di 2 anni, garantendo così un importante flusso di ricavi.
    • High customer satisfaction is confirmed via renewal rates as high as 95% per annum.

Wide-Open Opportunities

Install Base

  • Non-disruptively add DataCore™ software to existing customers’ infrastructure.
  • Drive account penetration, expansion & control.
  • Increase share of the customer’s IT budget.

New Accounts

  • Access to a creative & innovative approach to solving storage issues.
  • Become the customer Trusted Advisor on the Software Defined Storage Trend.
  • No hardware vendor lock-in enables Partner to propose exactly what customer needs instead of just what one vendor has to offer.

Mature Partner Program

Wide range of benefits for its members including lead registration, rewards and recognition for those partners committed to selling DataCore solutions. Benefits under the DataCore Partner Program are structured into two (2) levels corresponding to how much DataCore business you influence and your demonstrated competency with DataCore solutions.

DataCore Certified Business Partner
DataCore Gold Solution Provider

Holistic SDS Portfolio

Sales & Technical Certification

  • Full range of training classes
  • Certified to position, scope, implement and upgrade
  • Complimentary online web-based training
  • Traditional instructor-led classroom training

Customer Support Services

  • DataCore can provide the 1st line of support
  • Resellers are allowed and encouraged to provide customer support
  • Opportunity to increase services revenue

Sales and Technical Certification

DataCore Certified Sales Professional (DCSP)

DataCore Certified Sales Professional

Questo corso online gratuito permette di ottenere una delle certificazioni che servono per cominciare a vendere software per la virtualizzazione dello storage. Per prepararti, utilizza le risorse presenti nella pagina DCSP e poi sostieni l'esame online.

Ulteriori informazioni

DataCore Certified Solution Architect (DCSA)

DataCore Certified Solution Architect

Il curriculum DCSA è pensato per i professionisti specializzati nelle fasi di pre-vendita & post-vendita che vogliono aumentare le proprie conoscenze sull'architettura e sulla progettazione delle soluzioni DataCore.

Nota: essere DCSP (DataCore Certified Sales Professional) è un requisito indispensabile per diventare DCSA.

Ulteriori informazioni

DataCore Certified Implementation Engineer (DCIE)

Il DataCore Certified Implementation Engineer

The DCIE curriculum is intended for technical post-sales professionals responsible for the installation, implementation, and support of DataCore solutions.

Ulteriori informazioni

Customer Support Services

24x7x365 Multi-lingual Support, Around The Globe
  • Gold-level (not tiered)
  • Consistently achieve > 90% satisfaction in customer surveys
3 Major Support & Training Centers
  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida, U.S.A.
  • Reading, England
  • Tokyo, Japan
Datacore Engineers Own Resolution Start To Finish
Multi-vendor Collaboration Via TSANet

Servizi professionali

Oltre ai centri di supporto tecnico 24/7 di livello mondiale di DataCore, è disponibile una vasta gamma di servizi integrati professionali offerta da partner autorizzati e certificati da DataCore. A partire da una dimostrazione di fattibilità fino ai servizi assicurativi, i nostri partner offrono servizi pensati per migliorare l'ambiente DataCore in ogni fase del processo.


Services include planning & recommendations for infrastructure design, business continuity, disaster recovery, providing help with scripts for common tasks & datacentre relocation.


INSTALL services includes configuring basic servers and volumes to verifying remote support functionality, delivering everything needed to get your DataCore software infrastructure ready for production.


Services include planning, implementation & recommendations for improving business continuity, disaster recovery and backup strategies and tasks.


Migration Services includes an assessment of the existing storage infrastructure and migration execution.


ASSURE Services extends basic support by delivering Health check & Assessment services.


Comprendono corsi con istruttori per spiegare come eseguire le attività amministrative e gestionali più importanti per la tua infrastruttura software DataCore.

Program Benefits

icon chart teal


  • Fondi per lo sviluppo del canale
  • Joint Press Releases
  • Co-branded Customer Case Studies & Collateral
  • World-Class Marketing Team
icon target teal


  • Lead Assignment
  • Opportunity Assignment
  • Joint Customer & Prospect Events
  • Co-Branded e-mail or advertising campaigns
  • DataCore Hosted Webinars

Program Benefits


Per premiare e proteggere i partner, se a DataCore viene presentata una nuova opportunità di business si possono ottenere generosi sconti sul software.

I Certified Business Partner, i Silver Partner e i Gold Partner di DataCore che segnalano opportunità possono beneficiare di uno sconto dedicato tramite il Lead Registration Program.

Gli sconti legati alla registrazione del lead sono disponibili sia per le opportunità riferite a clienti esistenti, sia per quelle nuove. A ogni opportunità può essere associata una sola registrazione di lead attivo.


Not for Resale (NFR) software is only to be used for testing, self- education or in-house demonstrations to potential customers. It may not be used for production purposes and must not be installed at customer site.


DataCore offers free evaluation software for customers, if the trial software doesn’t meet their testing needs. Evaluation software is valid for 30 days with the possibility of extending for an additional 30 days with DataCore approval.


Access to the DataCore Partner Portal, a partner-oriented online repository for the most up-to-date sales and marketing content and collateral.


The Partner Internal-Use License Program provides a full production license for Internal, Non-Commercial use. Non-Commercial means not intended for or directed towards monetary compensation. Only Gold Partners are eligible for the Partner Internal-Use License Program.


Lucrative margins, rebates, bonuses and spiffs.


  • Rinnovi di manutenzione per Silver e Gold Partner
  • Rinnovi di licenza in abbonamento per Certified Business, Silver e Gold Partner


We have a great technology and we’re looking for a few select partners who want to capitalize on this market opportunity together.

Diventa partner
Or contact us at: channelAPAC@DataCore.com