DataCore™ Insight Services

The power of AI/ML-based predictive analytics deliver actionable insights through a single pane of glass
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Take Preventive Action Before Trouble Arises

DataCore™ Insight Services (DIS) is a cloud-based, predictive analytics platform that delivers actionable insights to avoid problems and guidance for proactive optimizations from an easy-to-use, single pane of glass.

The SaaS offering continuously analyses telemetry from your SANsymphony™ environment to detect early warning signs of potential issues. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to assess their relative severity and then prescribes steps to prevent them or mitigate their impact.

DIS also looks for departures from best practices and provides explicit guidance for better use of resources. Insights revealed by DIS drive step-by-step corrective actions from the DataCore Web Console through a seamless context switch. Similarly, system administrators on the Web Console can seamlessly view DIS analytics and insights from the same browser interface.

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Benefits of Predictive Analytics and Actionable Insights

Avoid Foreseeable Problems

  • Detect early warning signs to resolve issues before they start
  • Riduce le chiamate al supporto rendendo immediatamente fruibili informazioni dettagliate
  • Optimize environment with proactive/prescriptive remediation steps

Save Time

  • Prioritize corrective measures with task list based on severity/impact
  • Move intuitively to resolution through guided, single-click steps
  • Receive insights in advance to make necessary configuration changes

Effective Management

  • Centrally monitor and control SANsymphony environment across multiple sites
  • Focus attention on what’s important by automating remedial tasks
  • Eliminate guesswork by following proven issue resolution steps

Available with DataCore SANsymphony™ SDS Subscription Licensing

Opzioni di licenza DataCore SDS
Scelte flessibili, ricche di vantaggi. Disponibile anche con licenza in abbonamento.
L'appliance DataCore HCI-Flex
La semplicità dell'infrastruttura iperconvergente unita ai solidi servizi dati del software-defined storage offerta in un appliance flessibile e facile da implementare.

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