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The Power of Predictive Analytics, Actionable Insights & Proactive Optimization

DataCore Insight Services: Storage Analytics for SANsymphony

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The Power of Predictive Analytics, Actionable Insights & Proactive Optimization

DataCore Insight Services (DIS) changes your storage management paradigm from reactive to proactive and predictive. Rather than reacting to access issues or slowed application speeds, you’re able to predict problems before they occur and take steps to ensure they don’t. Harnessing the power of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), cloud-based DIS continuously monitors your storage infrastructure while comparing it to our vast database of known issues and best practices.

When DIS detects potential issues or opportunities for improvement, it delivers actionable insights including detailed configuration information with prescriptive remediation steps. DIS also monitors and tracks KPIs in your environment such as capacity and I/O performance. Based on historical trends, DIS predicts pending issues such as when a host will run out of capacity, enabling you to proactively add capacity or migrate workloads before performance is impacted or downtime occurs.

Tightly integrated with the on-premises DataCore Web Console, DIS delivers a a global view of your storage infrastructure in a cloud-based single pane of glass, switching seamlessly from the cloud to on-prem management to make changes based on the actionable insights delivered by the DIS predictive analytics engine. Leverage DIS to take control of your storage infrastructure and benefit from intuitive analytics to pre-emptively resolve business-impacting storage issues.

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I vantaggi dell'analisi predittiva e delle informazioni dettagliate immediatamente fruibili

Evitano problemi prevedibili

icona rimuovere le inefficienza infrastrutturali
  • Rilevano in anticipo i segnali di allarme per risolvere i problemi prima che si manifestino
  • Riduce le chiamate al supporto rendendo immediatamente fruibili informazioni dettagliate
  • Ottimizzano l'ambiente suggerendo mosse proattive/prescrittive

Fanno risparmiare tempo

icona mai preoccuparsi dei downtime
  • Elencano in ordine di priorità le azioni correttive in base alla gravità/impatto del problema
  • Portano intuitivamente alla risoluzione del problema tramite passi guidati a singolo click
  • Offrono in anticipo informazioni dettagliate per apportare le necessarie modifiche alla configurazione

Consentono una gestione efficiente

icona gestione semplificata
  • Centrally monitor and control SANsymphony environment across multiple sites
  • Focalizzano l'attenzione su ciò che è davvero importante automatizzando le attività correttive
  • Evitano di andare per tentativi suggerendo efficaci mosse risolutive

Your Entire Storage Infrastructure in a Single View

Dis Dashboard Ai Analytics
    Quickly view the collective number of health and optimization insights across your storage infrastructure to immediately know where to focus your attention.
    Use the real-time, prioritized task list to focus on what is important. DIS actionable insights allow you to immediately take prescriptive remediation steps.
    DIS monitors your environment all day, every day from the cloud generating predictive insights to avoid downtime and ensure optimal configuration.
    Get an overview on historical capacity and performance trends to proactively add capacity or migrate workloads based on predictive insights before performance is impacted or you run out of capacity.

Key Capabilities of DataCore Insight Services

Informazioni immediatamente fruibili

Get actionable data for intelligent storage management such as:

  • Dettagli della configurazione e condizioni di errore
  • Elenco dei volumi che potrebbero beneficiare di una migliore dei dati
  • Indicazioni precise per la soluzione dei problemi
  • Performance and operational analytics

Analisi predittiva

Identify and prioritize potential issues before they disrupt operations by:

  • Comparando problemi noti, best practice e tendenze storiche
  • Leveraging knowledge base compiled from thousands of similar environments
  • Determinando il livello di gravità e le azioni risolutive grazie all'intelligenza artificiale e al machine learning

Ottimizzazione proattiva

Ensure best use of resources with:

  • Un elenco in tempo reale e in ordine di priorità delle attività per gli amministratori di storage
  • Punteggi relativi alla salute e alle prestazioni dello storage che mostrano a colpo d'occhio lo stato dell'ambiente SANsymphony
  • Dati storici e previsioni sull'utilizzo della capienza per anticipare potenziali debolezze e problemi prestazionali dello storage

Un singolo pannello di gestione

Leverage cloud-based analytics for:

  • Unified visibility and centralized management, even across multiple data centers
  • Converged view across the diverse storage manufacturers and technologies
  • Dashboard che mostra in tempo reale stato di salute e prestazioni dell'ambiente per monitoraggio, analisi e interventi

Types of Actionable Insights

DIS is built on the concept of delivering insights that are not simply alert-based, but actionable and prioritized by severity and type. Severity levels are determined by the potential impact to uptime and performance of your storage infrastructure. The types of actionable insights DIS delivers include predictive, known issues, and best practices. Predictive insights provide a forward-looking view of critical configuration metrics such as when capacity limits will be reached based on historical usage trends.

Known issues insights deliver predictive failure or performance degradation issues based on comparison of your environment against the 20+ years of aggregate data in our customer support database. Similarly, best practices insights will alert you when there are specific configurations within your environment that would yield better results if modified. DIS insights are all actionable, meaning they are delivered in an easy-to-use format, with clickable buttons to immediately take prescriptive remediation steps.

10 Examples of Actionable Insights

Here are some examples of actionable insights provided by DIS. New insights are constantly being developed and are automatically updated into DIS on a regular basis.

InsightWhat It DoesWhat Does It Mean For You
Insight:Replication is StuckWhat It Does:Detects when data for a vDisk is not being replicatedWhat Does It Mean For You:Re-enable replication so that you will be protected again in case of a disaster
Insight:Failed SnapshotWhat It Does:Detects when a snapshot for a vDisk has failedWhat Does It Mean For You:This point-in-time copy of your data can not be used and you should make a new snapshot
Insight:Pool Capacity ThresholdWhat It Does:Alerts when pool capacity has reached a certain levelWhat Does It Mean For You:Encourages physical capacity expansion before you run out of storage space
Insight:Mixed VersionsWhat It Does:Detects when SANsymphony servers in the same server group have different versionsWhat Does It Mean For You:Helps ensure smooth business operations by fulfilling mandatory configuration requirements
Insight:One Role per PortWhat It Does:Alerts if more than one role is configured for a server portWhat Does It Mean For You:Achieve optimal performance by following the best practice of dedicating server ports to a single role (you may need to review your server port configuration)
Insight:Unmapped vDisksWhat It Does:Alerts when unmapped vDisks are foundWhat Does It Mean For You:Free up capacity by reclaiming unused storage space
Insight:Licensed Capacity LimitWhat It Does:Predicts when licensed capacity limit will be reachedWhat Does It Mean For You:Prepare to purchase additional licenses before you run out of capacity
Insight:Multiple ControllersWhat It Does:Alerts if more than one server is acting as a controllerWhat Does It Mean For You:Request assistance to ensure business continuity by avoiding conflicting masters
Insight:Disk Pool LatencyWhat It Does:Alerts if I/O latency of disk pool has reached a certain level also available on vDisk and physical disk levelWhat Does It Mean For You:Applications may experience slower performance until root cause is corrected (align your performance with your business requirements)
Insight:Fiber Channel Port ErrorWhat It Does:Alerts if there are excessive link errors on a server portWhat Does It Mean For You:Review server ports to proactively resolve any FC component issue before performance is impacted

We recommend that you grant access to your DataCore partner so they have visibility into the same insights that you see. This allows partners to work as a trusted advisor through close collaboration to avoid foreseeable problems, save time for both of you and ensure that your environment is always optimized.


DIS is an integrated capability of DataCore SANsymphony. They are only available on subscription licensing, require DataCore SANsymphony V10 PSP9 or later and a secure internet connection from the DataCore instances.