Data Protection Solution with  DataCore and Rubrik

DataCore’s partnership with Rubrik helps create a robust backup and recovery solution with secure and scalable storage.

Data Protection Solution with DataCore and Rubrik
Store backups on cost-effective scalable S3 object storage

Store backups on cost-effective scalable S3 object storage

Safeguard backups against ransomware and data loss

Safeguard backups against ransomware and data loss

Enable fast restores whenever needed

Enable fast restores whenever needed

Apply custom storage policies and data governance regulations

Apply custom storage policies and data governance regulations

A Modern Approach to Backup & Recovery

Data is growing at an exponential rate with 90% of the world’s data being generated in the last two years alone. Enterprises face a constant need for data to be backed up and protected for retention, recovery, and compliance.

DataCore and Rubrik have partnered to deliver a joint solution that ensures simplified and policy-driven archival, replication and data backup. The combined solution will help address challenges of storing and managing rapidly scaling backups and protecting them against downtime and cyberthreats, such as ransomware.

Data Protection for Rubrik Backups on Secure On-Premises S3 Archive

DataCore provides a massively scalable cost-effective object storage platform to manage mounting volume of backups. With DataCore Swarm, organizations benefit from a secure and reliable secondary storage to protect backups, which are stored on-premises, thus enabling better data governance and adherence with IT security policies.

Swarm software-defined object storage seamlessly integrates with Rubrik Cloud Data Management (CDM) platform to provide an affordable storage target for backups. Store, protect, and manage your Rubrik backups of on-premises and cloud-native applications on secure object storage that scales as needed.

Grazie a Swarm, si possono memorizzare più backup e si può dedicare meno tempo alla gestione dello storage, continuando a ridurne il TCO. Il tutto garantendo al tempo stesso che i backup siano costantemente protetti e immediatamente disponibili anche tra un mese, un anno o un decennio.

Swarm Object Storage | Backup Storage for Rubrik
Storing and protecting Rubrik backups on Swarm object storage

DataCore Swarm secure immutable S3-based object storage has been tested and validated with Rubrik Cloud Data Management backup and recovery software.

Swarm: The Most Robust and Resilient Storage for Backups

Easily convert standard x86 servers into scalable and resilient object storage infrastructure to store hundreds of terabytes and petabytes of data. Scale capacity and throughput easily by adding in new drives or new Swarm nodes in the cluster or deploy multiple Swarm clusters across sites to improve high availability. You can use any combination of hardware, different server vendors, chassis size, and HDDs/SSDs to create an instantly accessible Swarm archive on-premises for your backups.

Protezione dei dati e conformità ai massimi livelli

massima protezione dei dati
  • Ensure data immutability with Legal Hold, WORM integration, and S3 object locking
  • Stabilisce l'integrità dei contenuti utilizzando gli Integrity Seals
  • Apply data encryption in flight and/or at rest
  • Traccia l'accesso allo storage e le attività tramite audit trail
  • Archive and protect backups for as long as needed to meet compliance regulation

Evita i downtime e garantisce la continuità operativa

evita i downtime
  • Aumenta la durabilità dei dati attraverso l'erasure coding e la replica a livello di cluster o di oggetto
  • Proactively create data copies and store them as long as needed locally or in a secondary/DR site
  • Shift between replication and erasure coding on the same hardware based on custom data protection policy

Ripristino rapido dopo guasti hardware e interruzioni

ripristino rapido dopo guasti
  • Sfrutta un intelligente meccanismo di autoriparazione per collaborare e superare guasti e interruzioni
  • Un processore di integrità verifica continuamente la presenza di guasti hardware, bit rot (degrado), anomalie nella replica o nell'erasure coding e problemi di rete
  • Avoid data loss from node-level, cluster-level, and site-level failures

Why Choose Swarm as the Storage Target for Rubrik Backups

  • Store more backups with a market-leading 95% capacity utilization (on server hardware) for user data
  • Aumenta la fiducia nell'integrità dei backup e nei ripristini grazie alle funzioni automatiche di autoriparazione e protezione dei dati
  • Modernizza l'hardware al momento giusto, senza interrompere l'erogazione dei servizi, e con apparati di tua scelta
  • Reduce your storage costs by using a cost-effective secondary storage on-premises
Icona Protezione Ambiente

Protegge da attacchi informatici, guasti hardware e perdita di dati

Icona Migliora Efficienza

Migliora l'efficienza man mano che aumenta la capienza dei backup

Icona Garantisce Backup

Garantisce che i backup siano sempre disponibili e accessibili

Icona Unisce Backup E Archiviazione

Include backup e archiviazione attiva in un'unica soluzione

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