miniatura di come la temperatura dei dati porta a decidere il posizionamento dei dati
White paper

Come la "temperatura" dei dati porta a decidere dove posizionarli e come farlo

Moving data between different priced storage tiers as it ages requires more than human intuition.

The emphasis on fast flash technology concentrates much attention on hot, frequently accessed data. However, budget pressures preclude consuming such premium-priced capacity when the access frequency diminishes. Yet many organizations do just that, unable to migrate effectively to lower cost secondary storage on a regular basis.

In this white paper, explore:

  • How the relative proportion of hot, warm, and cooler data changes over time
  • New machine learning (ML) techniques that sense the cooling temperature of data throughout its half-life
  • The role of artificial intelligence (AI) in migrating data to the most cost-effective tier.

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