Hai paura che l'hardware di storage stia scuotendo le fondamenta dei tuoi piani di BC/DR?

Crafting a robust business continuity plan is a long, arduous, and expensive undertaking with many people involved. Surely you’ve considered numerous intricate failure and recovery scenarios, carefully prioritizing each according to their impact. Testing, training and auditing every step along the way.

But have you thought through its hidden dependencies, three to be exact? The location, topology and supplier of your data storage.

Changes outside of your control in any one of these facets can really shake the foundation of your plan.

  • Say, when the location of your disaster recovery site moves from on-premises to the cloud. How’s that supposed to work with your existing storage arrays? Probably not so well.
  • Or when the topology of your SAN collapses from a 3-tier architecture to a hyperconverged system. Will your data replication strategy hold up then? What about your restore and failback processes? Throw them out the window.
  • Dare we even contemplate what problems adding or changing suppliers of storage would cause? Especially if they entice you with next-gen technology and a super good deal.

DataCore helps you assimilate these imminent twists and many more, without disruption, so business continues undisturbed.

Thousands of customers over the past two decades, many in life-critical scenarios around the globe, constantly modernize without hesitation—their safeguards and procedures remain intact and responsive throughout. The City of Carmel for one, 10 years and counting with zero downtime.

You, like they, can make the location, topology, and supplier of data storage interchangeable, swiftly accommodating the surprises and growth that you’re sure to encounter in the coming months. Our software-defined storage services make the shape and sizes of your building blocks irrelevant.

Contact DataCore today for a flexible and enduring approach to business continuity and disaster recovery that adapts to your changes, planned or not.