DataCore Software-Defined Storage Products

Smart. Flexible. Powerful.

Whether block, file or object interfaces, primary or secondary storage, DataCore provides a comprehensive software-defined storage suite that delivers ultimate flexibility in how IT virtualizes existing systems, breaks free from lock-in, and future-proofs their storage infrastructure to prepare for the demands of tomorrow.

Key Advantages of SDS

Sds Pool Capacity Centralize Control
Pool Capacity & Centralize Control of Primary & Secondary Storage
Sds Consolidate Mixed Hardware Vendors
Consolidate Mixed Protocols, Hardware Vendors & Models
Sds Automate Hot Warm Cold
Automate Hot, Warm & Cold Data Placement via Policies
Sds Expand Migrate Refresh
Expand, Migrate & Refresh Hardware Non-disruptively
Sds Load Balance
Load Balance Between Unlike Systems

DataCore SANsymphony: Software-Defined Storage for Any SAN, DAS, and HCI Environment


Access Methods

  • FC
  • NFS
  • SMB

Storage Protocols

DataCore vFilO: Software-Defined Storage for File and Object Environments


  • Servers / PCs / Laptops
  • Virtual Machines
  • Container

Access Methods

  • NFS
  • SMB
  • S3*

Operation & Insights

  • Extensible Metadata
  • Data Migration
  • Historical /
    Real-Time Charts
  • Health &
    Performance Graphs
  • Alerts
  • Provisioning

Data Services

  • Active Archive Active Archive
  • Global Namespace Global Namespace*
  • Auto Placement Auto Placement
  • Load Balancing Load Balancing
  • Data Mobility Data Mobility
  • Parallel NFS Parallel NFS
  • Deduplication / Compression Deduplication / Compression**
  • Replication & Recovery Replication & Recovery
  • Encryption Encryption**
  • Snapshots Snapshots
  • Filer / NAS Pooling, Assimilation Filer / NAS Pooling, Assimilation
  • Undelete Undelete

Command & Control

  • Access Controls
  • CLI
  • Console
  • File Granularity
  • Plug-Ins

Storage Protocols

  • File
  • Object
  • Block
  • Cloud


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