DataCore Software-Defined Storage Products

Smart. Flexible. Powerful. Cost-Effective.

Your storage can do more. Software-Defined Storage solutions from DataCore allow you to easily adapt your primary, secondary, and archival storage to your business needs. Break free from vendor lock-in and future-proof your infrastructure to prepare for the demands of tomorrow.


Key Use Cases
  • Provide uninterrupted data access and availability
  • Replicate data to remote sites for disaster recovery
  • Protect data and minimize data loss due to outages and disruptions
  • Accelerate application responsiveness by making storage processing faster
  • Integrate new technology into your infrastructure non-disruptively
  • Deploy the best of hyperconverged with the flexibility to integrate existing SANs


Key Use Cases
  • Pool resources from distributed NAS and file servers for global access
  • Offload inactive data from premium filers to lower-cost object/cloud storage
  • Scale out NAS to distribute loads, improve responsiveness, and ensure high availability
  • Collaborate between sites through selective file sharing and replication
  • Replicate data between disparate filers to enhance BC/DR readiness and response
  • Switch workloads to remote sites during peak loads and planned downtime


Key Use Cases
  • Simplify digital video workflows for video storage, video-on-demand delivery and streaming
  • Streamline collaboration and accelerate time to discovery with multi-tenant S3 storage
  • Safeguard data, ensure data integrity, and meet compliance requirements
  • Offload data to economical secondary storage from NAS/filers and as a backup target
  • Enable robust storage-as-a-service from private and public cloud storage

Use DataCore FileFly to Easily Offload Files from SMB Shares on NAS Devices and Windows Filers to Swarm Object Storage

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