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David Oakes, IT Operations Manager SaiTech, Inc.
How would you describe DataCore SDS to a friend or colleague?

DataCore SDS is a tool that provides high performance, disk-volume mirroring, and high availability to your SAN infrastructure.

In a few sentences, describe the biggest benefits you have seen since implementing DataCore storage virtualization software:

SAN Mirroring has provided highly-available SAN volumes and protected the data center from outages during critical data processing periods.

IT Administrator Medium Enterprise Retail Company
An IT Administrator at a medium enterprise retail company would be very likely to recommend DataCore for this reason:

Because they have very good Support and their software is good and fast!

"I Have Found It To Be Easy At Increasing Storage Needs"

Scott Lambourne, System Administrator
What is most valuable?

It is easy to create storage and assign them to the various datastores in my VMware environment.

How has it helped my organization?

DataCore gave us speed, redundancy, reliability, and works great with our backup system.

System Integrator Large Enterprise Electronics Company
Would you recommend the DataCore Technical Support team, and if so, why?

Yes, I would. From what I've experienced so far, our problems were solved in just one or two calls/emails. The response time is also astounding.

Application Architect Small Business Consumer Services Company
How would you describe DataCore SDS to a friend or colleague?

Use off-the-shelf hardware to gain HA storage.

In a few sentences, describe the biggest benefits you have seen since implementing DataCore storage virtualization software:

We buy discs below retail costs and can use standard disks instead of extra costly branded disks.

"Technical Support Is Amazing, Very Fast, And Always Has A Solution In No Time"

MichaelP, Head of IT
What is our primary use case?

We use the DataCore software to provide (virtual) storage hardware to our virtualisation environment (VMware ESX).

How has it helped my organization?

• SANsymphony gives us the possibility to get storage redundancy with a very good ROI. • It also helps us to get a more balanced performance of our storage systems.

"You Won't Be Disappointed With DataCore!"

— Infrastructure and Operations in the Construction Industry

“I run a very small hyper-converged virtual environment when compared to what this software is capable of running. I have now been running it for almost 2 years now and it has run flawlessly in my VMware environment. What little support I have needed has been EXCELLENT and that was only when I installed the latest updates. I have had no complaints from the employees with regards to slowness as to what programs that reside on the 2 servers that run the DataCore software. It has been a very excellent experience with DataCore!”

"DataCore SDS – Very Powerful!"

IT Professional State & Local Government
How would you describe DataCore SDS to a friend or colleague?

A very powerful piece of software for storage virtualization. A market leader from my point of view.

"Brilliant SAN Software"

Cal L.
What do you like best?

SANSymphony provides 100% uptime from it's mirrored disks and redundant paths.This means that maintenance can be performed at any time on disk subsystems without interruption to business systems. This coupled with it's vendor agnostic hardware support, speed from it's data caching and easy to administer interface make it an excellent product for data storage. Datacore support is very good, they have a very quick response times and good diagnostics are built right into the software to analyse any issues that may occur. I've found a lot of support is also offered outside the scope of SANSymphony, for instance host configuration tips and they showed me a brilliant reference in their knowledge base for fibre optic grades recently - not something I'd expect a software vendor to offer!

"Flexible / Stable Product, Excellent Support. Full SDS Solution Unhooked From Vendors"

— Infrastructure and Operations in the Healthcare Industry

“All needed documentation is available online: this helps to build projects quickly and effectively. Top-level tech support with excellent response time. Product functionalities and management tools are very good. Full-software licensing policy makes us free to move to a completely different hardware solution in the future if needed.”

"DataCore SDS – Cost Effective Freedom from Vendor Lock-in"

IT Architect Medium Enterprise Banking Company

“The main benefit of DataCore’s solution is the free choice of storage types to use. You’re not tied down by a massive and expensive dual and replicating System from the same vendor. You can choose different vendors and storage types to gain your needed performance and data availability/security. With a moderate setting of ‘use really only NEEDED features’ you will be able to receive a high-quality solution with performance for all your needs.”

Dawid Darnowski, ATOS Global Delivery Center Polska Storage Administrator

“As it virtualizes all physical storage, we can upgrade our equipment in small steps. i.e. we don’t need to buy a new all-flash-super-performing array – we can start with replacing one RAID group with SSD drives and create a new tier on it.”

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