Reseller Partner Program



DataCore extends special privileges to sales and service organizations who demonstrate an ongoing commitment to solutions based on DataCore products. As with any partner program, your organization must complete a few prerequisites to qualify for specific benefits. You may encounter minor variations in the benefits and prerequisites between different geographic locations that are consistent with market differences. The DataCore Partner Program provides a wide range of benefits for its members.










DataCore offers its partners a full range of training classes to ensure that they are well-equipped to position, scope, implement and upgrade solutions based on DataCore storage virtualization software. Complimentary online web-based training, as well as traditional instructor-led classroom training formats are available.






DataCore has a network of senior Technical Account Managers and distributors that offer technical and pre-sales staff to assist partners. Resellers needing assistance can contact their distribution representative or local DataCore Technical Account Manager.

DataCore provides a variety of collateral to partners to assist them in positioning DataCore Software-Defined Storage solutions in a competitive market. Additionally, partners have access to DataCore sales engineers, distributor representatives, and other online tools and resources to provide assistance in pre-sales opportunities. For additional resources, you can also log into the DataCore Partner Portal.


DataCore provides a variety of collateral to partners to assist them in positioning DataCore Software-Defined Storage solutions in a competitive market. DataCore offers product data sheets, solution overviews, and Partner Reference Cards to help partners. Much of the material is located on the DataCore website, and partners can log in to the DataCore Partner Portal for even more information and sales tools.

DataCore offers industry-leading opportunity registration benefits. For additional information on opportunity registration and other benefits, contact your distributor.

DataCore assigns leads to partners through our Partner Portal. Partners receive new opportunities and have the ability to work directly with their distributor and DataCore to capitalize on these opportunities and win new customers.

Resellers can work with authorized DataCore distribution partners to sell Software-Defined Storage products. However, only a DataCore Certified Implementation Engineer or authorized service partner can offer professional services. For additional information on becoming a partner, see our program overview or contact your distributor.

DataCore software-defined storage products serve a wide variety of customers and industries. Our products are a natural fit for customers involved in or beginning virtualization projects, customers with business continuity needs (including both high availability and disaster recovery), and customers suffering storage growth, management, or performance problems. For additional information, see the solution overviews or contact your distributor.

DataCore Partners have access to Channel Development Funds (CDF) aimed at helping them grow their DataCore solutions business. CDF can be used to fund campaigns and events designed to help you generate additional sales opportunities. Funds are made available on a proposal basis, through a joint sales and marketing plan.


Resellers can quote DataCore products as a stand-alone quote or as part of a larger combined quote to their customers. For details on product configurations and pricing, contact your distributor.

DataCore offers special pricing for Federal, State, Local government and educational institutions. For pricing details contact your distributor.

DataCore SDS products are available exclusively through our distribution partners. Contact your local distributor for information.


DataCore offers online and on-site training for both sales and technical services. The DataCore Sales Professional training is available online, technical training is offered as lab-based, instructor-led training through our authorized training partners. For additional details on training opportunities, see our training. Also, make sure to check out how to become a DataCore Certified Implementation Engineer.

DataCore certifications and partner competency requirements vary but generally require either online or classroom-based training (based on the specific certification), an exam, and, in some cases, a lab-based hands-on skills assessment. For additional details on training opportunities, see certifications and training and how to become a DataCore Certified Implementation Engineer.