DataCore SANsymphony

Software-Defined Storage for Any SAN, DAS, and HCI Environment

Maximize the collective value from your storage infrastructure by delivering fast, uninterrupted data access, while reducing storage costs and increasing flexibility and scalability.

Are you troubled by storage management nightmares? Whether you are losing sleep over managing different storage tiers for hot, warm and cold data, or finding it hard to address disruptions and slowdowns, you can now rest easy with a truly software-defined storage solution.

DataCore SANsymphony enables you to centrally automate and manage capacity provisioning and data placement across your diverse storage environment (any SAN, DAS, HCI, or JBOD). Powered by a block-level storage virtualization technology and a rich set of data services, SANsymphony gives ultimate flexibility to control how you want to store and protect your data.

  • Break down silos by pooling capacity across unlike storage systems
  • Control data placement and ensure your fastest storage only stores your most critical data
  • Meet your business continuity and disaster recovery objectives
  • Boost performance of your storage gear to handle demanding workloads
  • Expand/refresh hardware and migrate data without any disruption


Icon Eliminate Unnecessary Storage Costs New

Reduce TCO by controlling and minimizing storage expenses

Icon Never Worry About Downtime New

Provide uninterrupted data access and application availability

Icon Asynchronous Replication For Disaster Recovery New

Replicate your data to remote sites for disaster recovery

Icon Minimize Data Loss New

Protect data and minimize data loss due to outages and disruptions

Icon Impossibly Fast New

Accelerate application responsiveness by making storage processing faster

Icon Remove Infrastructure Inefficiencies New

Integrate new technology into your infrastructure non-disruptively

DataCore is definitely one of the main reasons our mission-critical apps run faster; the SANsymphony caching and performance acceleration capabilities play a vital role. Moreover, DataCore makes great use of the SSDs to further boost performance.

Lamar Nicholson, Storage and Virtual Environment Architect NASA


Kevin Schmidt, Senior Network Engineer Thorntons, Inc.


ITコンピテンスセンター&戦略担当ディレクター、Matthias Fahmer氏 TUI Cruises


  • Balance capacity and load uniformly across mixed hardware vendors and models
  • Eliminate single point of failure as synchronous mirroring guarantees zero-touch, zero-failover RPO and RTO
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  • Enhance performance with RAM caching, parallel I/O processing, and auto-tiering
  • Automate data recovery through backups (integration with back-up tools), snapshots and continuous data protection
  • Thin-provision capacity to devices and avoid space wastage through pre-allocation and over-commitment
  • Achieve remote site redundancy with asynchronous replication, automatic failover, resynchronization, and failback
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  • Automate data tiering across storage classes based on hot, warm, or cold data access
  • Leverage the power of machine learning analytics to predict and prevent storage bottlenecks*

*Available with SANsymphony term license

Tier-wise storage allocation and usage analytics

Tier-wise storage allocation and usage analytics

Monitoring storage replication status

Monitoring storage replication status

The figure below highlights the various capabilities of SANsymphony including key data services, access methods and supported protocols. Explore features in detail.


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5X パフォーマンスが即時に向上


100% ストレージに関連するダウンタイムを削減


50% ストレージコストを削減

High Availability

high availability
  • Maximize uptime with zero-touch failover and recovery for enterprise-class high availability
  • Prevent equipment and site outages (planned and unplanned), from disrupting business operations
  • Enable uninterrupted data access from application and/or server clusters


cost savings
  • Repurpose existing storage and avoid hardware rip-and-replace
  • Defer purchase of new hardware by optimizing existing capacity
  • Use cost-efficient equipment instead of expensive hardware
  • Gain the negotiating clout to get the best deals from your supplier


ultimate flexibility
  • Expand and modernize with no dependency on device or manufacturer
  • Enjoy complete interoperability between unlike storage systems
  • Build out your storage infrastructure the way you want – any storage, any deployment, any access method
  • Easily scale out or scale up based on business needs

Management Simplicity

management simplicity
  • Use a single command and control for the entire storage infrastructure
  • Reduce manual efforts and increase efficiency with automated data services
  • Deploy, use and maintain the software with ease

Performance Improvement

improve performance
  • Avoid capacity overload and improve storage performance with auto-tiering
  • Use RAM as cache on the SANsymphony node to speed up responsiveness
  • Enhance I/O processing further using parallel I/O with multi-core CPUs

Actionable Intelligence

Actionable Intelligence
  • Leverage a cloud-based analytics tool* to alert and prevent storage bottlenecks
  • Predict when you will run out of capacity
  • Diagnose and resolve common storage issues with best practice recommendations

*Available with SANsymphony term license




デプロイメントオプション:Software-Defined Storage

storage virtualization


converged SAN

Pools local and direct-attached storage to create highly dense and economical shared storage.


Aggregates local storage of HCI nodes into highly available virtual storage pool.

hybrid converged

Enables any mix of storage virtualization, converged and hyperconverged deployments.


DataCore SANsymphony is available in three software editions, EN, ST and LS with different prices per Terabyte (price/TB). Both term and perpetual licensing options are available.



Large-scale secondary storage edition is tailored for backup, archive and less frequently accessed data where lower cost and higher capacity are favored over performance


  • Flexibility to choose between term (low CAPEX, pay as you go) and perpetual (buy once, own forever) licensing
  • Scale capacity as needed
  • Price per TB goes down as consumption grows
  • Volume discounts on total capacity in use apply
  • Governmental and educational organizations are eligible for additional discounts