Best Practices für die IT im Gesundheitswesen

Wie Healthcare IT den Bedarf an kostengünstigem hochverfügbaren und leistungsfähigen Speicher erfüllt

Provide Fast Access and Reliable Data Availability for Healthcare Applications

Today’s hospitals and health systems are taking advantage of an explosion of new technologies to help run their facilities more efficiently, improve patient care and keep costs contained. But with these new IT innovations comes an influx of data and a growing responsibility for hospital IT teams to manage and store that data while ensuring that it is secure and always available. Are you facing performance, availability and scalability challenges for your healthcare applications?

Read this eBook and learn how healthcare organizations like yours are:

  • Keeping patient and systems data accessible, even during a natural or unexpected disaster
  • Protecting the privacy and security of patient information against cyberattacks
  • Keeping mission-critical applications running 100% of the time, even if there is a hardware failure
  • Easily migrating and consolidating data due to mergers and acquisitions
  • Accelerating high I/O workloads without spending their budget in expensive All-Flash storage appliances
  • Scaling up and scaling out applications while efficiently using all of their existing resources

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