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IAIT Paper

IAIT Product Review: SANsymphony-V R9

Storage Virtualization for sophisticated and challenging IT Environments. With SANsymphony-V R9, DataCore offers a comprehensive software platform to provision, share, migrate, replicate, expand, reconfigure and upgrade storage without delay or downtime. IAIT took a closer look at the newest version.

IAIT Paper

IAIT Product Review: DataCore VDS

VDS allows administrators to launch and maintain virtual desktops with relatively little effort. These virtual desktops are stateful, which means that they retain all the changes made by the users and are not reset back to default values after every restart. IAIT had a look at how the system works in practice.

Product ReviewIDC Analyst Nick Sundby

IDC Analyst Nick Sundby discusses the Business Value and Savings of DataCore's Storage Hypervisor using feedback he has received from Customers.

Product Review

SANsymphony-V R9.0 Product Review by NT4ADMINS Magazine

Greater scalability, improved administration functions and close integration with vSphere environments and system management suites are the main core characteristics of Release 9 of the SANsymphony™-V storage hypervisor. Above all, the 'group operations' make life easier for the administrator.

ESG Storage Hypervisor Brief

ESG Brief: DataCore Launches 
“The Storage Hypervisor for the Cloud”

DataCore recently launched the newest version of its storage virtualization software, SANsymphony-V R9, expanding its capabilities to become a “Storage Hypervisor for the Cloud.” With increased flexibility, scalability, and management automation, R9 is ideally suited for midsize and enterprise IT organizations alike.

David Strom

David Strom: SANsymphony-V Tour & Review

IAIT Product Review: SANsymphony-V

Storage Virtualization for sophisticated and challenging IT Environments. With SANsymphony-V, DataCore offers a comprehensive software platform to provision, share, migrate, replicate, expand, reconfigure and upgrade storage without delay or downtime. IAIT took a closer look at the newest version.

ESG Lab Validation Report: SANsymphony-V

This ESG Lab Validation documents the results of hands on testing of DataCore SANsymphony-V R8 Storage Virtualization Software. ESG Lab evaluated SANsymphony-V with an eye on assessing the value of infrastructure-wide storage virtualization including centralized management, ease of use, capacity efficiency, data mobility, and performance.

Network Computing

Network Computing SANsmphony-V Review

The enormous growth of network storage in the enterprise is forcing businesses to consider new ways of managing their storage capacity so as to keep within budget. Storage virtualisation is a significant consideration and the latest SANsymphony-V software from DataCore offers a viable solution, offering a keen focus on data availability, disaster recovery and performance

Taneja Group

Taneja Group: SANsymphony-V Profile

In this product profile, we'll examine these roadblocks and take a look at one product that circumvents them - DataCore's SANsymphony-V storage virtualization software. Moreover, while SANsymphony-V tackles storage-related challenges found across all of the popular virtual environments from VMware, Microsoft and Citrix, we'll examine specifically how it unleashes unique capabilities for Windows Server Hyper-V scenarios

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Brian Madden

Brian Madden: DataCore's 'nirvana' VDI Storage Solution

Datacore releases a "nirvana" VDI storage solution. Full local virtual storage that's really cheap! Brian Madden explores the benefits of DataCore's storage virtualization software VDI solution.

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Jon Toigo International

The Next Big Industry Push is VDI

DataCore Software demonstrated pretty persuasively, and without trying terribly hard, that you could stand up that range of VDIs on a virtualized storage platform for about $35 per desktop. They also discovered that the low cost could be maintained as you grew infrastructure using storage and servers configured as part of a star topology – stars later serving as a building block for scaling.

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Im Test: DataCore SANsymphony-V R8

Mit SANsymphony-V bietet DataCore eine leistungsfähige Softwareplattform zum Bereitstellen, Teilen, Migrieren, Replizieren, Erweitern, Umkonfigurieren und Upgraden von Speicher ohne Verzögerungen und Downtime. Das unabhängige Institut zur Analyse von IT-Komponenten IAIT hat sich angesehen, was die aktuelle Version der Lösung in der Praxis leistet.

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