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Data Protection for Backups: Ensuring They Are There When You Need Them

Scalable object storage to protect your backups:

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Data is fast becoming the most important currency in today’s digital economy. Managing, storing, and protecting data is of paramount importance to organizations.

As IT departments gear up with data protection solutions and tactics to backup and secure data and adhere to compliance regulations, it is important to factor in the role of data storage in meeting these objectives. In addition to protecting data and mitigating security risks, being able to quickly recover from a data loss incident is mission critical.

  • If there is a ransomware attack, how will you ensure your data is protected?
  • How do you ensure your backup data is not tampered with and is always available for restoring?
  • Are you able to protect your data from accidental deletions, bit rot, and data corruption?
  • Should there be a hardware failure, can you recover the lost data from that storage/server/site?
  • How do you stop unauthorized data access and protect data integrity?


Store and protect your mounting volume of data using Swarm object storage

Protect Rapidly Scaling Datasets with Secure and Flexible On-Premises S3 Storage

DataCore provides trusted and reliable block, file, and object storage solutions to protect your data. DataCore Swarm, a software-defined object storage platform, delivers a multi-pronged approach to data protection that enables you to store more backups, spend less time managing storage, and helps to reduce storage TCO.

  • When compared to the cloud, Swarm is more cost-effective over time, delivering predictable costs, and offers a secure on-premises deployment so you can guarantee data doesn’t leave your data center. And because backups are locally stored in Swarm, you can rely on faster intranet speeds to ensure rapid recovery.
  • When compared to tape, Swarm provides instant accessibility and ease of data and infrastructure management with continual protection, so you know your data will be there when you need it.

Easily scale capacity from a few hundred TBs to multiple PBs and safeguard all your data in a centralized repository with distributed access over S3 and HTTP(S). Whether it is backup data, media files, inactive/cold data from primary storage, analytics data, etc., Swarm ensures a complete data protection solution to minimize risks of data loss, downtime, and disruptions.

Data protection via on premises S3 storage

Ransomware Protection and Cyber Defense

Stay Ahead of Threats: Advanced Data Protection for Backups

The average cost of recovering from a ransomware attack, according to Sophos, is $1.85M. This includes the ransom paid, downtime, people hours, network cost, lost opportunities, and lost reputation. DataCore software-defined storage solutions play an integral role in helping you protect your data from these attacks and hefty financial penalties.

Purpose-built with many security features, Swarm guarantees robust security against threats, defending your data from ransomware and being compromised by bad actors. With multi-layered security, encryption, immutability, replication and data loss prevention capabilities, Swarm ensures your sensitive data is well-protected and internal or external parties do not violate its integrity.

Protect Against Ransomware

  • Immutability (WORM) via S3 object locking prevents deliberate or accidental data modifications and deletions
  • No file system, login shell, or executables for malware to exploit
  • Zero administration for storage nodes reduces the threat of social engineering attacks
  • Automated replication to a secondary site can utilize a logical or physical air gap for complete offsite isolation
  • Activity logging and hashing can help reveal potential bad actors and verify data hasn’t been tampered with
  • Encryption in-flight and at-rest prevents unauthorized reading of contents

Safeguard Your Backups and Ensure They Are There When You Need Them

Modern data backup applications are now backing up data from various sources on-premises, the cloud, or remote devices that clients or employees use. This presents a significant challenge for IT administrators that need to find a way to provide a secure and scalable storage solution that can seamlessly fit into existing backup workflows while delivering enterprise-grade security and data protection.

Swarm is the right solution for your demanding data backup storage needs.

  • Affordably store all your daily, weekly, monthly, and annual backups in a massively scalable secondary storage repository
  • Preserve and protect backups with a gamut of security-rich functions, including immutability (WORM), encryption, replication, and more
  • Certified by popular backup solutions such as Veeam, Commvault, Rubrik, Veritas, Atempo, Catalogic, etc., easily comply with a 3-2-1-1-0 backup strategy
  • Future-proof your backup and recovery strategy with an efficient and economical data storage solution.

Safeguard Backups

Best-in-Class Object Storage Solution to Protect Your Backups

Transform your approach to data backup protection with our robust data protection solution, designed to meet the needs of popular backup and recovery solutions.

Fast or Efficient Data Protection Solution: Why Not Both?

It is very common for a hardware component to fail or a site to experience an outage. And this has a direct impact on business continuity. To maintain continued data accessibility even during disruptions, Swarm lets you proactively create data copies and store them locally or in a secondary site for recovery.

In the event of a failure or a site-wide disaster, Swarm can recover the lost data from local or remote copies and ensure always-on availability and smooth business operations.

  • Set policies that shift between protection methods based on your performance and budgetary needs
  • Use replication to ensure optimal performance or to protect small files
  • Switch to erasure coding to optimize footprint and overhead, and reduce your data storage cost
  • Swarm automatically executes the policies throughout the lifecycle of your data, ensuring it is always available when needed

Copy-based Data Protection

Create local replicas or an offsite DR cluster with Swarm and replicate the files you want to increase data durability. Should a disk fail, all the Swarm nodes in the cluster work together to actively recover the data from the replica and continue further replication process by designating another Swarm node to maintain data redundancy. Both synchronous and asynchronous replication techniques are supported by Swarm.


Parity-based Data Protection

Swarm uses erasure coding to break a file into multiple data segments and compute parity segments.

This results in a total number of segments that use less capacity when compared to a full replica. Should any number of drives fail, all the nodes in the Swarm cluster work in parallel to heal the situation, so data is fully protected once again.

Recover Fast from Failures, Outages, and Other Disruptions

recover disruptionsSwarm clusters use an innovative distributed algorithm that enables nodes in a cluster to work together intelligently for secure data recovery from disruptions and enable operational continuity. A built-in health processor continually checks for failed hardware, bit rot, replica or erasure coding anomalies, and network problems.

When there is a node failure, the other nodes automatically recognize that and participate in recovering the lost data. The same applies to cluster-level disruptions where Swarm assures that data remains accessible and recoverable, even if there’s a subcluster outage or loss. This self-healing capability of Swarm helps improve data durability and infrastructure resiliency.

Best Practices for Data Resilience and Recovery with Object Storage

Meet Regulatory Compliance Requirements for Data Storage and Protection

compliance requirements

  • WORM: Satisfy regulatory mandates that require data and backups to be stored on non-erasable, non-rewritable media.
  • Legal Hold: Create a point-in-time snapshot of a set of files (backup, media, etc.) at a specified time. The files are then immutably stored regardless of what happens to the original file or cluster. This lets you prove in a court of law that content has not been altered.
  • Content Integrity Seals: Obtain and validate integrity guarantees on data in transit by hashing it using a cryptographic hash algorithm.
  • Audit Logs: These are another instrumental resource to help with post-data breach investigations and compliance reporting.
  • Retention Schedules: Retain data within your data center for as long as needed based on custom timelines. Then, move the data to a cold archive (e.g., cloud) or purge really old files and backups if they are not needed anymore.
  • Compliance: Swarm facilitates compliance with many regulatory policies such as SEC, FNRA, CFTC, MiFID II, HIPAA, GDPR, and more.

Protecting Data in the Cloud Age with Swarm Object Storage

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