DataCore FileFly

Offload Colder Data from NAS and File Servers
to Object/Cloud Storage

The reality of IT environments is that they are comprised of various storage devices and workflows deployed over many years. Capital investments in infrastructure and operational investments in time, resources and training may make it difficult to justify moving some traditional workloads to a more modern, hassle-free, object-based data management platform like DataCore Swarm. The solution is using DataCore FileFly to offload colder files from Windows File Servers, NetApp, and Dell EMC Isilon NAS devices to lower cost object/cloud storage.

FileFly offers a lightweight method for transparently moving cold and warm data from Windows File Server, NetApp and Dell EMC Isilon to DataCore Swarm, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, or any S3-compatible storage. Simply define policies based on file attributes to automate data movement. Then, reap the benefits of consolidating this less frequently used data on lower cost scalable storage. The files remain easily accessible, regardless of whether it is on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment. For an added level of security, files stored in the public cloud are obfuscated with identifiable information located only in your local environment. Continue to leverage your existing capital investment and ensure workflow continuity while still leveraging many of the benefits of integrating Swarm directly.

filefly moves colder files from NAS and file servers

DataCore FileFly moves colder files from NAS and File Servers to lower cost object/cloud storage

DataCore FileFly: Feature Highlights

Keep Your Existing NAS

  • Preserve NAS performance for hot data
  • Move cold and warm data to Swarm object storage
  • Maximize existing NAS investment while streamlining backups and restores

Keep Your Existing Workflows

  • Migrate seldom used files from multiple NAS/ file servers to lower cost object storage
  • No change to applications or user access methods

Need a Global File System for Files Distributed Across On-Premises and the Cloud?

If you need more robust file system functionality including uniform data services across any mix of NAS devices, file servers and object/cloud storage, explore DataCore vFilO.

Talk to us and let us know your specific requirement and we will be able to help you find the right solution.