Learn how your company can improve the economics, availability and responsiveness of its systems using real-time data.
Sander Puerto
Data Replication Technologies: Inside or Outside the Storage System?
By default, every storage vendor wants you to have SAN arrays of the same model on both the production site and disaster recovery (DR) site.…
Augie Gonzalez
Continuously Modernize Your Storage Infrastructure Without Disruption
Why do so many forward-looking IT initiatives stop dead in their tracks? Cost may be one reason, but just as often it’s the disruption they…
Augie Gonzalez
Combat Planned Obsolescence from Next-Gen Storage
The incredible rate of innovation renders last week’s new hardware prematurely obsolete in just a few months. Are sinister forces at work here? Do manufacturers…
Augie Gonzalez
Diverse Storage Systems – Putting Their Differences to Good Use
IT practitioners are taught since infancy the benefits of standardizing hardware. The “homogeneous doctrine” promises that sticking with one manufacturer and one model will make…
Robert Bassett
How to Train Your Storage Dragon
Wait … what? I know that sounds off-the-wall, but its fun to see the similarities in the story arcs. In the movie, the plot evolves…
Manish Chacko
Data At Rest Encryption
So, what is encryption and why might an organization care? Let’s start with the basics-encryption is defined as the process of encoding or encrypting a…