Learn how your company can improve the economics, availability and responsiveness of its systems using real-time data.
Dave Brown
Software-Defined Storage and How it Enables Continuity of Operations for Data Survivability
Did you know that software-defined storage (SDS), previously known in the industry as storage virtualization, enables continuity of operations (COOP) from the data availability and…
Sharon Munday
What’s Inside the Core?
As a freelance writer across many vendors, I have been repeatedly struck over the past 15 years with just how ‘sticky’ the DataCore SANsymphony platform…
Rizwan Pirani
The Era of Cloud Replication Leveraging Software-Defined Storage
Data is fundamentally what drives business operations; protecting this intellectual capital is essential. However, with the explosive growth of data and increasing requirements for business…
Eric Montijo
CMG’s Executive Insights Event: Is Digital Transformation The Future of Business?
IT conferences aim to bring together engineers, systems administrators, business leaders, developers, and many more in the industry, to share knowledge, expertise and their experience.…
Gerardo Dada
Software-Defined Storage and Hyperconvergence Trends for 2019
We recently published a market survey, The State of Software-Defined, Hyperconverged and Cloud Storage, with interesting findings (see the full report here). Below, I want…
Gerardo Dada
Looking for the Answers to Performance Problems…in the Wrong Place
A few years ago, a leading insurance company was not meeting performance SLAs for some of its key applications. The VP of infrastructure requested millions…