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Vinod Mohan
The Viral Spiral: Addressing Unstructured Data Storage Capacity Needs During Global Coronavirus Recession
How to make the most of existing storage resources by optimizing capacity, reducing costs and supplier dependency In an earlier post, we discussed how the…
Vinod Mohan
Business Continuity Planning During Coronavirus Global Pandemic
How software-defined storage can help ensure business continuity when IT staff is not physically present at the datacenter to address storage failures We are amidst…
Gerardo Dada
DataCore Prediction: Primary/Secondary Storage is Becoming “Shades of Gray”
For decades, enterprises have maintained separate storage systems: one for frequently accessed data that requires high performance and another for infrequently used data that requires…
Gerardo Dada
DataCore Prediction: Metadata-Driven Data Management Will Disrupt the Storage Market
Metadata-driven data management of unstructured content will prove to be a disruptive storage technology in 2020. Until recently, metadata has been limited to object storage…
Gerardo Dada
DataCore Prediction: The Future of Hyperconverged
The honeymoon is over for hyperconvergence. As hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) technologies reach a more mature state after a few years of deployment, some users are…
Gerardo Dada
DataCore Prediction: The Cloud Matures
For more than a decade, the cloud has been ascendant. When it first appeared, the cloud was seen as the savior of storage, offering a…