Accelerating Your Journey from Core to Edge to Cloud

Drive your business strategy by turning technology barriers into breakthroughs. Data storage and protection in the hybrid world can’t get any easier.

The scale of data explosion we see today is much greater than what the world has ever encountered. The increasing pull of data gravity and the rising penalties for moving data demand fresh new approaches to data storage, protection, and placement. This poses unique and complex challenges to IT teams.

No longer do centralized data centers at the core suffice. Computational processing and analysis now need to occur where data originates to avoid unpredictable costly data transfer delays.

The urgency behind these paradigm shifts shapes DataCore’s vision for our customers.

We see the future as a journey, from or to:

  • the CORE, which is considered the on-premises data center
  • the EDGE, where most unstructured data originates and is distributed
  • the CLOUD, where highly variable compute and storage options are available

DataCore.NEXT redefines how storage resources are best applied at the core, edge, and cloud for optimal results and lowest cost. We seek to help our customers navigate through their data journey across any combination of these storage centers in alignment with their evolving business goals.

DataCore.NEXT | Company Vision

With an application-centric approach, DataCore.NEXT focuses on enabling the highest level of agility and reliability to run mission-critical services across core, edge, and cloud infrastructures while providing secure and performant storage solutions and vendor-agnostic data services.

Regardless of where data is stored and processed—be it on traditional SAN, HCI, hyperscale object storage, or Kubernetes storage across distributed and cloud-native ecosystems—DataCore.NEXT will enable you to accelerate technology advancement to support your business initiatives like never before.

DataCore.NEXT: Unlock A World of Limitless Possibilities

  • Future-proof your business and improve resiliency
  • Harness technology that drives flexibility and speed
  • Protect your investments with changing times and requirements
  • Shift your focus to data, applications, and business services
  • Transform your perspectives, practices, and technologies while minimizing disruptions
  • Generate the most value from your investments in core, edge, and cloud storage

Partner with DataCore on Your Journey of Transformation and Business Growth