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vSphere-certified Data Services Expand Choice of Hardware, Enhance Storage Capabilities, and Reduce Costs
Storage for VMware
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The wide range of workloads sharing your vSphere environment calls for very different types of storage: high-performance premium devices for some and high capacity/low cost for others. Their level of data protection and durability can also vary widely.

Unfortunately, the models and suppliers available to you, or those that offer the best value, may not be on VMware’s hardware compatibility lists (HCL).

Even when confining your selections to the HCLs, mixing storage to match service levels can lead to hardware incompatibilities, errors from inconsistent device-specific processes, and conflicting behaviors. The time, effort, and resources wasted troubleshooting these problems only raise the frustration.

  • Are your ESXi hosts stressed with storage related tasks? Would you prefer to offload some of these and optimize performance?
  • Is storage provisioning for your VMs a frequent struggle?
  • Are you able to provide uniform and consistent data services across diverse storage gear?
  • How do you ensure data availability for your applications/VMs?
  • Are you able to easily leverage Storage Policy Based Management (SPBM)?
  • Is it hard for you to manage integrations between VMware and storage?

VMware and DataCore: Keeping Your IT Operations Ticking Like Clockwork

Using software-based abstraction for the storage layer tremendously helps to overcome integration challenges. In principle, this approach is comparable to what VMware vSphere does for the compute layer, but for the storage layer. DataCore SANsymphony is such a software-defined storage solution that provides comprehensive data services across diverse storage hardware. Supporting native integrations to your vSphere environment, SANsymphony allows you to make optimum use of your VMware storage resources while simplifying management and ensuring data availability.

From automated provisioning of vVols to improving the site recovery through storage-based replication, and offloading storage tasks via VAAI to heterogeneous storage systems, SANsymphony’s specialized integrations with VMware allows your IT team to improve operational efficiency and productivity.

With its storage virtualization technology, SANsymphony abstracts the software-based data services from your SAN and other block-storage powering your ESXi infrastructure. This allows centralized management of data services across diverse storage equipment (any make/model/ deployment).

Acting as a hardware-agnostic storage controller, SANsymphony frees you from VMware HCL constraints. Leverage this flexibility to modernize your storage and gain the negotiation clout on your next hardware purchase with free choice of storage that best suits your needs. Uniform and high-end data services ensure smooth operations of your applications and seamless integration with your vSphere layer.

As a VMware Ready certified solution, SANsymphony lowers infrastructure complexity and total cost of ownership for your IT environment.

The great thing about DataCore is that they keep their product on VMware’s approved HCL. So even if you have a SAN (backend storage) that falls off the HCL with VMware, because it’s virtualized storage behind DataCore, you’re covered. If you put the storage behind DataCore then you won’t have to worry about VMware’s HCL any longer

Damon Dawson, System Engineering
Patriot LLC

Vmware Ready Sansymphony

Five Ways You Derive More Value from Storage for Your VMware Environment

Hardware-independent VASA Provider for Simplified vVol Provisioning

hardware-independent VASA provider
  • Enables Storage Policy Based Management (SPBM) across diverse storage equipment
  • Simplifies provisioning of virtual volumes (vVols) to VMs
  • A single virtual datastore can span different physical arrays
  • No dependency on storage hardware to be listed on VMware VASA HCL

Advanced Storage Replication for Site Recovery

data replication for site recovery
  • Enables storage-based asynchronous replication fully integrated with VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM)
  • Relieves ESXi hosts from data replication tasks
  • Supports planned migration, disaster recovery (DR), and also testing out DR plans
  • Benefit from remote replication between unlike storage equipment

Offload Storage Tasks from ESXi with Hardware-agnostic VAAI Integration

hardware-agnostic VAAI integration
  • Enables ESXi hosts to easily offload storage operations
  • Leverage the full performance of the ESXi hosts to run your applications
  • Coordinate with vSphere/ESXi using VMware VAAI commands
  • No dependency on storage hardware to be listed on VMware VAAI HCL

vCenter Integration to Manage ESXi Storage on SANsymphony Console

vCenter integration
  • Native integration with vCenter to allow storage assignment to ESXi hosts and VMs from the SANsymphony management console
  • Automate discovery and addition of vCenters from within SANsymphony

Control SANsymphony from vCenter Plug-in

easy management from vSphere web client
  • Enables easy management of SANsymphony functions directly from vSphere Web Client
  • Create and manage virtual disks, take snapshots, etc., and coordinate workflows between vSphere and SANsymphony
vStorage APIs for Storage Awareness (VASA) for virtual Volumes (vVols)

vStorage APIs for Storage Awareness (VASA) for virtual Volumes (vVols)

Storage Replication Adapter (SRA) for Site Recovery Manager (SRM)

Storage Replication Adapter (SRA) for Site Recovery Manager (SRM)

vStorage APIs for Array Integration (VAAI)

vStorage APIs for Array Integration (VAAI)

SANsymphony vCenter Integration

SANsymphony vCenter Integration

SANsymphony Plug-In for vCenter

SANsymphony Plug-In for vCenter

Get DataCore SANsymphony for Your VMware Virtual Environment

With DataCore SANsymphony, you benefit from a simple and scalable high availability solution that meets your VMware storage requirements. This hardware-agnostic storage-defined storage solution abstracts and pools internal and external disks along with flash/SSDs to yield lightning-fast response, non-stop access and optimal use of capacity. SANsymphony offers enhanced support for in-memory optimizations using DRAM caching and auto-tiering of data across diverse storage hardware, synchronous mirroring over local and metro clusters, and advanced replication for remote site recovery.

Find out how SANsymphony boosted performance, reduced costs, and increased peace of mind for the IT team at John Nicholls (Ltd)

Key Benefits of Software-Defined Storage

  • Easily optimize the VMware virtual storage infrastructure
  • Improve alignment between VMware and storage administration and simplify VMware storage management operations
  • Enjoy broader choice of storage hardware: SANsymphony’s native VMware Ready certification provides an excellent negotiation position on pricing and worry-free hardware purchase
  • Ensure data/application high availability, business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Modernize your storage infrastructure and integrate new technology without any disruption
  • Seamlessly change storage deployment model as and when needed – even during business operations without any application/VM downtime

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