Single Node Swarm

Edge data management simplified: Cost-effective option to store, protect, and archive data in small IT environments

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Decentralized IT environments, particularly in edge and remote office/branch office (ROBO) settings, face unique challenges in managing and protecting data at its point of origin.

Single Node Swarm streamlines this process, significantly reducing costs and complexity by enabling active archiving and robust data protection directly where data is generated – on a compact hardware footprint. This ensures data integrity and accessibility in remote locations and small IT environments.

Offering unmatched hardware flexibility, Single Node Swarm enables you to preserve and protect data on the hardware of your choice.

Additionally, the platform seamlessly integrates with Swarm clusters in central facilities, maintaining secure and efficient data replication to data centers and the cloud for compliance and long-term retention. This ensures that each byte of data contributes to building a resilient, intelligent, and connected enterprise.

Key Benefits

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Simple Management

Intuitive interface simplifies administration, reducing complexity

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Operational Efficiency

Facilitates immediate data access and analysis at the source, accelerating decision-making

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Superior Protection

Advanced security features help defend against threats and ensure data integrity

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Maximum Flexibility

Adapts to changing business needs, offering hardware choice and ensuring future-proofing

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Reduced TCO

Lowers hardware footprint and operational costs, optimizing investment


Salient Aspects of Single Node Swarm

Next-Gen Architecture

Utilizes a Kubernetes-managed microservices framework to optimize data handling at the edge, ensuring reliable data archiving and protection.

Easy Install & Setup

Simple deployment with compact form factor makes it ideal for edge and ROBO environments. It can be customized to meet specific business needs, providing flexibility and control.

Seamless Integration

Operates both as a standalone unit and in concert with other Swarm clusters, maintaining data synchronization across remote and central storage systems.

Complete Hardware Freedom

Offers a software-defined platform that allows for the use of diverse equipment, avoiding vendor lock-in and enabling optimal hardware selection for specific needs.

Secure Edge and ROBO

Uncompromising Protection and Cyber Defense

Single Node Swarm delivers multi-layered data protection measures tailored to combat a wide range of cyber threats, including ransomware, shielding your data from loss and unauthorized access. The platform boosts data security by implementing immutability/WORM, preventing any accidental or intentional data modifications and deletions. Encryption protocols safeguard data both in-flight and at-rest, ensuring contents are shielded from unauthorized scrutiny.

Furthermore, Single Node Swarm reduces the risk of social engineering attacks with its zero-administration approach to storage management. Capabilities like activity logging and hashing not only help identify potential threats but also ensure data authenticity, supporting compliance efforts. Its self-healing technology also circumvents bit rot and hardware failures, maintaining resilience against data loss risks.

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Enhanced Data Accessibility at the Edge

Immediate Archival and Efficient Retrieval

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Archiving directly where data is generated and processed, Single Node Swarm provides an optimal solution that ensures immediate access to data via S3/HTTP(S). This method outperforms traditional cloud or LTO tape solutions by reducing latency and eliminating complex retrieval processes.Unlike cloud storage, which can entail high retrieval costs, and tape systems known for slower access times, Single Node Swarm allows for quick and cost-effective data accessibility. Rapid file search and retrieval capabilities significantly improve productivity and content management. Additionally, the platform bolsters your existing workflows, streamlining data processing, enabling re-monetization of archived assets, and supporting swift collaboration across teams.

Single Node Swarm supports multi-tenancy and role-based access control, effectively sharing resources and securing environments for different users, optimizing data storage and ensuring that only authorized personnel access specific datasets for compliance.

Popular Use Cases

Single Node Swarm allows organizations to leverage the power of data where it’s created. This not only facilitates the immediate handling of data at its origin point, typically in remote or branch office locations, but it also enables the streamlined extraction and export of critical insights directly to central systems for timely actions.

By harnessing the capability of local data processing, organizations can ensure faster data analysis, driving efficiency and faster response times. The proximity of processing power to the origin of data creation minimizes latency and avoids the bottlenecks of bandwidth constraints, making it an ideal solution for edge computing scenarios.

On-Site Data Processing

Single Node Swarm supports on-the-spot, data-driven decision-making at the edge. By enabling search and analysis data on-site where it is generated, the platform empowers remote admins and systems to make informed decisions swiftly. This local autonomy, powered by immediate access to relevant data, is invaluable for remote and branch offices that need to act quickly without waiting for central system inputs.

Single Node Swarm also serves as a bridge between local and central operations, providing a synchronized data environment that enhances the overall organizational responsiveness and strategic alignment. It fosters a decentralized approach to IT management, where local agility meets global oversight, facilitating a balanced and more responsive enterprise structure.

Localized Decision Making

Active archiving within small IT setups is enhanced by Single Node Swarm, which brings enterprise-level data protection and archiving to the edge of the network. Designed to fit within the compact IT environments often found in remote locations, it provides a robust solution for safeguarding data. The platform streamlines the process of preserving important data on-site, enabling businesses to maintain ready availability of their critical information.

By facilitating an active archiving approach, data is not only securely stored but also instantly accessible. With Single Node Swarm, small-scale operations can achieve the same level of data safety and archival quality as larger organizations, but with the added advantage of localized control and access.

Active Archiving In Small It Setups

The physical mobility of Single Node Swarm transforms the ease of moving content archives between various locations within an enterprise’s distributed network. This compact, single-server footprint enables straightforward transportation from edge environments to central data centers and back, as needed. Such portability ensures that remote sites remain an active part of the organization’s data strategy, with the ability to seamlessly transition storage and processing capabilities across locations.

This inherent flexibility supports a dynamic content management system, facilitating secure, efficient archival and data stewardship—crucial for compliance and strategic analysis. Single Node Swarm’s design inherently meets the business need for agility, with a physical footprint that supports the modern enterprise’s distributed architecture.

Mobility Of Content Archives

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