Erschließen Sie mit Software Sorcery das gesamte Potenzial Ihrer Storage Hardware

Storage Consolidation Solutions

Grappling with a mixed storage infrastructure can be, well…scary. Each separate tier is a beast with its own quirky behavior. And each requires special care and feeding to keep the beast under control. None of them are capable of working together— been enemies since birth. They’re hoarders, keeping all of their capacity caged in so no one else dares mess with it. And it’s a struggle to coax data out of one and into another, as each one swells with rapidly aging bytes of information.

Just the thought that a new one might take their place makes them green with jealous rage.

So it’s no wonder you want to standardize on a single model. But you know too well that one size doesn’t fit all. You need the fast one for all the hot data. The tireless brute to power through the day-to-day grind. A heavyweight to protect all your on-prem treasures. And an elastic one where you can dump all those long retention archives that pile up month after month.

DataCore has been taming these diverse storage beasts for years. Our storage virtualization software brings out the best in each one of them. Dissolving the bars that isolate them, so that as data naturally ages, it hops from one to the other effortlessly—automatically executing your intent whether you pay attention or not.

Find out how a little software sorcery can transform a diverse storage infrastructure from an intimidating group of uncooperative monsters into a well-orchestrated data pipeline that puts a smile on your face. Contact DataCore today for a first-hand look at the magic.