Over 10,000 customer deployments have been empowered to achieve real-time, always-on data. Here are their stories.


Mit einer Reihe von innovativen Technologien — darunter Parallelisierung, I/O-Optimierung und Caching — sind wir in der Lage, die höchstmögliche Leistung aus Ihrem Speicher heraus zu holen. Dies ist in unabhängigen Leistungstests bewiesen.

Response times for tier 1 applications have dropped drastically since we have been running in conjunction with DataCore’s caching capabilities. The runtime for enterprise reports dropped dramatically. In fact, in some cases it went from minutes down to seconds.

Chris Jones, IT Manager Great Plains Communications

Wir sind begeistert, wie gut DataCore funktioniert und wie gut die Lösung die Speicherseite der virtuellen Infrastruktur auf Trab bringt. Auch aus Kostensicht ist die Lösung ein Volltreffer, weil wir damit nicht von einem bestimmten Anbieter abhängig sind. Ich kann jede beliebige Anwendung ausführen und jede Speicherressource nehmen, hinter der Lösung von DataCore einsetzen und sofort online stellen – und habe damit ein intelligentes, hochleistungsfähiges System mit einer einheitlichen Verwaltungsoberfläche.

Dr. Guy J. Le Vaillant, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources & Instructional Technology Plainedge Union Free School District

What used to take me an hour and a half of on some of the more involved processes I run on the SQL server – like defragging the indexes – takes me about three minutes now that DataCore powers the virtualized storage platform.

Richard Trower, Senior Programmer & Database Administrator San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital

The risk reduction that we have attained because we can replicate volumes instantaneously to both the primary and secondary sites has been of enormous value to us. We sleep a little better at night knowing we don’t have all our eggs in one basket.

Kevin Schmidt, Senior Network Engineer bei Thorntons, Inc.

We have realized better data protection by moving our critical data storage to DataCore, providing high availability for servers and VDI desktops. This plays strongly into our business continuity and disaster avoidance strategy.

David Blaisdell, Assistant Director of IT Colby-Sawyer College

With DataCore in place and with hardware in two different locations, this has allowed us to make our mission-critical, clinical imaging along with other systems highly available. Since we have implemented this, we have
not experienced any downtime–even for system maintenance.

Jill Wojcik, IT Director Mount Sinai Health System

DataCore enables all the different storage devices that comprise our architecture to communicate and work with each other–even though they come from a wide mixture of vendors – thereby allowing the Institute to gain efficiencies and reduce our costs.

Scott LeComte, Senior IT Manager Arizona State University’s Biodesign Institute

We have definitely realized roughly four times (4x) greater capacity utilization – otherwise we would have lost hundreds of gigabytes for operating system disks across many servers. And we haven’t.

Arnold Jewett, Network Administrator INFICON

With DataCore, paying for the storage logic once and then using simpler storage building blocks is a very efficient and cost-effective mechanism.

Chris Carey, IT Director Bellarmine College Preparatory