DataCore SANsymphony Features

DataCore has spent over 20 years developing a comprehensive set of storage services that are hardware-agnostic and provide many powerful functions infrastructure-wide and across multiple suppliers’ server and storage offerings. No other vendor can match the enterprise-class data services offered by SANsymphony in such a universally compatible format.



Speed up your storage and increase application density for optimized TCO.

High Speed Caching

Accelerates disk I/O and business-critical application performance by empowering existing storage assets


Makes intelligent and automatic usage optimizations based on cost and performance across different types of storage

Random Write Accelerator

Significantly increases performance for workloads characterized by many random writes, such as frequently updated databases, ERP & OLTP systems

Quality of Service Controls

Ensures high-priority workloads meet SLAs with predictable I/O performance by regulating resources consumed by lower priority requests

Storage Load Balancing

Auto-balance I/O across devices and bypass failed/offline channels.



Sync Mirroring

Zero downtime, zero touch high availability by continuously mirroring active/active copies between physically-separate locations accessible to local/metro clusters as shared disks


Fast, simple, remote-site disaster recovery and migration; Maintains distant copies up-to-date without impacting local performance

Continuous Data Protection & Recovery

Businesses can roll back to a previous point-in-time prior to a disaster, virus attack or other disruptive event without doing an explicit backup

スナップショット / バックアップ

Captures point-in-time images quickly across storage devices; Efficiently clone system images, speed-up recovery and enable off-line analysis



Consolidates like or unlike disks – enabling cost efficient tiering of resources by price/performance and capacity


Increases storage utilization and enables cost savings by allocating just enough space just-in-time


Transparently moves and migrates data; Allows non-stop business operations during data center relocations, VM moves, system refreshes

重複排除 / 圧縮

Reduces space needed to store multiple copies of the same data


DataCore™ Insight Services



Access Cloud storage from different vendors; Extends disk pool to external clouds; Cloud Gateway supports auto-tiering to cloud storage

Unified Storage (NAS/SAN)

Supports fast, high-availability NAS for file sharing [NFS/SMB (CIFS)]

VMware Virtual Volume (VVols)

Simplify storage management in VMware environments


Greater productivity and administrative efficiency; Infrastructure-wide control and monitoring of pooled storage resources from one console


Offers real-time and historical analysis, ‘heat maps’ to identify I/O bottlenecks; Reporting for capacity planning, tuning and asset tracking




Dynamically provision highly available, persistent shared storage to your containerized applications from a scalable, software-defined storage infrastructure.