Why Partner with DataCore?

CRN-5-starThere has never been a better time to incorporate storage virtualization into your practice. DataCore technology places you in the heart of the software-defined data center. We think that your business will quickly expand and profit from incorporating DataCore™ products and services into your business portfolio, especially as virtualization technologies become a bigger part of your practice. Learn more about one of our award winning regional partner programs or apply now to join the program that best suites your needs. 

Five Great Reasons


  • Higher Profitability
    Complement your existing product and services portfolio, helping you to capture a larger share of wallet. To make the point, DataCore selected partners are able to participate in lead registration right from the start. You’ll also be eligible to receive other incentives and rewards to sweeten your bottom line.
  • Distinctive Competitive Advantage
    Offer well-differentiated storage solutions to balance your customers’ business objectives against their budget constraints
  • Expanded Virtualization Opportunity
    Magnify sales opportunities within your current virtualization clientele, and attract a broader field of fresh, new prospects
  • Greater Account Control
    Reinstate your role as unbiased trusted solution advisor, doing what’s right for your clients without concern of being displaced by the interests of hardware manufacturer
  • Better Customer Retention
    Maximize the utilization, performance and availability that your customers realize from their new and existing assets to yield optimal investment value. 

Program Feedback

“The potential to increase sales with this program and technology is tremendous, but it offers much more. DataCore helps us rein in account control that too often in the past had been lost to storage hardware manufacturers. It lets us take a strategic long-term perspective so we can genuinely do the right thing for our clients, getting the most value from their prior investments, while introducing them to the most appropriate innovations going forward. The additional payback is fantastic customer retention.”

- Barry Martin, co-founder and principal at The Mirazon Group