Cloud Service Provider (CSP) Program

Tailor-made CSP program for best-in-class data services and most persuasive economics

DataCore Cloud Service Providers

The DataCore Cloud Services Provider program provides CSPs with a flexible, intelligent, and powerful software-defined storage (SDS) platform, complete with a comprehensive set of data services all centrally managed under a single pane of glass to enable best-in-class service-level agreements (SLAs) while keeping costs low.

DataCore Software is proven across diverse and dynamic storage environments and lets you leverage your existing hardware assets to maximize utilization and seamlessly integrate new technologies for continuous cloud services without disruption. Whether you are seeking performance, efficiency, high availability, or building economies of scale, DataCore helps you build a modern, adaptive and ultimately flexible storage infrastructure to support your cloud services and applications.

Benefits of CSP Program

The program offers our cloud services partners significant technical benefits to help optimize CSP environments. In addition to the ability to eliminate storage-related downtime and provide granular quality of service (QoS) control, DataCore also accelerates time to provision.

A pioneer of thin provisioning, DataCore delivers 3X better storage utilization while also easing system administration to help further reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies. Additional technical benefits include the utilization of the latest tech supported by Windows in the data center and the ability to leverage any non-intelligent hardware devices.

Persuasive Economics & Compelling Value

DataCore enables a cloud service provider to generate the highest margin from current and future assets. Our cloud service partners deliver a wide range of advanced, integrated cloud services to suit a variety of customer needs and budgets. And with the flexibility of SDS, CSPs are able to migrate non-disruptively between hardware generations and different manufacturers, making them interchangeable. In addition to gaining unprecedented negotiating muscle over hardware suppliers, we offer simple, hassle-free terms:

  • Only pay for cloud storage you actively use
  • 12-month auto-renewing term with attractive monthly price/TB
  • CapEx offer also available as perpetual license with 3-year commitment and annual support contract

Integration with Public Cloud Services

DataCore enables a hybrid cloud storage infrastructure where active data remains rapidly accessible on premises in a private cloud within your firewall, while cold, inactive data resides in a public cloud. Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and other public cloud service providers, can be used as off-site extensions of your on-premises storage pool. The connection takes place over cloud gateways such as the AWS Storage Gateway or Microsoft’s StorSimple Hybrid Cloud Storage Array. These on-premises hybrid cloud storage appliances connect to the DataCore nodes using iSCSI, essentially creating another tier of storage.

As new data arrives on-premises and older data becomes less frequently accessed, DataCore auto-tiering software redirects the cold or inactive data to the appliance according to specified policies. The cloud gateway deduplicates and compresses the cold data before moving it to the cloud, further shrinking the capacity required to store it. Access to low cost, elastic cloud storage is simpler than ever. Learn more about DataCore’s cloud gateway and its ability to integrate with public cloud services here.

DataCore has allowed us to deploy both highly redundant and high performance storage quickly and easily to our media clients who traditionally have large data sets. The features around redundancy configuration, and thin provisioning have transformed our storage infrastructure.

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  • Comprehensive stack of software-defined storage services
  • Technical support and software update service

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