Cloud Service Provider (CSP) Program

Tailor-made CSP program for best-in-class data services and most persuasive economics

DataCore Cloud Service Provider

With the care and feeding of data storage ranking high among the most challenging aspects of any hosted service, we’re pleased to offer you a compelling solution. It’s both operationally appealing and economically persuasive. Not to mention hardened through 2 decades of experience and innovation.

Technical Aspects

Rich control plane commands and controls DataCore’s comprehensive set of data services. Proven across a wide variety of diverse storage equipment and multiple generations of technologies.

Enables you to offer best-in-class SLAs while keeping costs low.

  • Zero storage-related downtime
  • Effective QoS control
  • Fast time to provision

Persuasive Economics

  • Fair billing model where you pay only for what you actively use.
  • 12-month, auto-renewing subscription with attractive monthly price per TB.
  • CapEx alternative is also available via perpetual licenses with 3-year commitment and annual support contract.

DataCore has allowed us to deploy both highly redundant and high performance storage quickly and easily to our media clients who traditionally have large data sets. The features around redundancy configuration, and thin provisioning have transformed our storage infrastructure.

Sean Baker ERA

What's Included?

  • Comprehensive stack of software-defined storage services
  • Technical support and software update service

Compelling Value

Generate highest margin from current and future assets. Deliver wide range of advanced, integrated services to suit a variety of customer needs and budgets while regulating QoS accordingly.

Migrate non-disruptively between hardware generations and different manufacturers, making them interchangeable. Gain unprecedented negotiating muscle over hardware suppliers.

Program Enrollment

Available only to qualifying CSPs that provide hosted IT services to 3rd party subscribers.

  • Fill in online application
  • Sign CSP Agreement
  • Register with regional Aggregator for terms and conditions regarding billing and payment
  • Complete DataCore Certified Implementation Engineer (DCIE) Certification
  • Deploy DataCore software on as many nodes as needed
  • Automatically transmit telemetry to secure hub used to track monthly capacity consumption

Important Documents