Appliance & System Builders

Fast-start business development programs for volume resellers, system integrators, SSD vendors, and system builders.

DataCore has implemented a number of business development initiatives to target volume resellers, system integrators, solid state disc (SSD)/Flash memory vendors, and appliance system builders selling its solutions. The system builder program is designed to help qualified partners quickly take advantage of the lucrative, burgeoning opportunities in software-defined storage (SDS). DataCore provides access to the foremost SDS software of its kind along with the tools, programs and organization necessary to rapidly extend and transform existing product offerings into compelling solutions.

Elements of the fast-start program include rapid configuration wizards and guides to simplify product installation and deployment, accompanied by simple interfaces for value-add integrations. Sales playbooks have also been developed to help partners open new accounts and ramp up their business. DataCore has created a centralized dedicated Business Development Team to help guide, support, and work with larger system integrators, server and SSD vendors, and system builders looking to incorporate a storage virtualization into their solution portfolio.

DataCore can help system builders maximum use of their existing investments, including direct-attached storage (DAS), storage area network (SAN) and SSDs. The DataCore initiatives makes it simple for partners to add value to and leverage existing infrastructure, including popular server hardware made by Dell, Intel, Super Micro, Fujitsu, IBM, HP, and new SSD and flash memory devices.

DataCore Software-Defined Storage allows partners to easily customize solutions or add new technology or capabilities (any storage, SSD, flash cards) into the current mix, while also maximizing the price and performance value of current storage assets. With the DataCore Software-Defined Storage hypervisor and tools available, pre-packaged appliance-like solutions can be easily created to meet a wide range of needs or combined to manage an entire storage infrastructure encompassing both virtual and physical assets.


By giving specialized appliance and system builders the ability to expand their areas of expertise and service into the storage world, DataCore is enabling them to broaden their ongoing revenue streams. The ease of which DataCore Software-Defined Storage integrates with top selling hardware—coupled with the support DataCore provides—simplifies the sales process and allows partners to easily introduce customers to the great productivity benefits and cost savings that a storage virtualization solution can bring to virtual desktops, virtual data centers and private clouds.

Chris Ilg, Director of Market Research, Infrastructure Channels IDG

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