Learn how your company can improve the economics, availability and responsiveness of its systems using real-time data.
Sander Puerto
Preparing for the Healthcare Data Tsunami with Hardware-Agnostic Solutions
Patient health information and data represent one of the greatest assets for hospitals and health systems. In healthcare today, there is an explosion of data…
Ben Treiber
Flash Memory Summit 2018 Wrap-up: Software-Defined Storage and the Customer Path to NVMe over Fabric
The Flash Memory Summit 2018 is…well, just a memory now. But it’s a good one. At this year’s event, I participated in a panel discussion…
Danielle Brown
How One of California’s Oldest Secondary Schools Solved 5 Top IT Challenges with SDS
Rapid data growth, rising enrollment numbers, IT security threats, varying instructional needs, and increased user demands from students…these are just some of the many challenges…
Sander Puerto
Software-Defined Infrastructure Sets the Foundation for Real-Time Healthcare Data Availability and Ultra-Fast Response
In the world of healthcare, the need for a real time, data-driven infrastructure is paramount. As hospitals adapt to a more patient-centric model of operations…
Marisa Cabral
How the World’s No. 1 School of International Business Aced their Storage Refresh by Avoiding Vendor Lock-In and High Costs
Data centers represent the lifeblood of any college or university. So ultimately, they can come with high expectations. But, can you imagine how much higher…
Guest Blogger
10 Ways to Future-Proof Your Infrastructure with Software-Defined Storage
Confused about Your Storage Strategy? If the definition of software-defined storage (SDS) seems a bit ambiguous to you, you’re not alone. Some people refer to…